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This is Katharine

Country: Norway, Language: English, 15 mins

  • Director: Ida Hansen Eldøen
  • Writer: Ida Hansen Eldøen
  • Producer: Ida Hansen Eldøen

CGiii Comment

How many times can you say 'Katherine' in 15 minutes? It would seem...about 300,000 times!

The lifeless voice-over will either send you into a deep sleep...or, drive you up the wall!

Rudimentary animation and repetitive writing, make these 15 minutes seem like 15 hours.

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

"Katharine is gay... ?"

At a young age, Katharine starts thinking that she might be gay. To find her sexual identity, she turns to movies and tv, and from the representations she creates an image of how she should be. An image that is far from the shy and scared girl she really is. Through an all-knowing voice over we hear her story, her thoughts, and feelings, and we take part in her journey to find and to free herself. "This Is Katharine" is a personal story, based on the directors' own experiences. It tells a story about finding your true self, and the importance of representation.

Cast & Characters

Lisa Cordileone (as Narrator)