BFI: London Film Festival 2021...Our coverage...

LFF 2021
by David Anderson Cutler

It's been a long time coming, the wait is finally over...normal services have [partially] resumed...the BFI: London Film Festival is back!!!

Day 1...

The Harder They Fall

Via BFI Player...

Nudo Mixteco

Day 2...

What we did watch...and, so glad we did!

Compartment Number 6 Cop Secret

What we wanted to watch...but, alas, bizarre time restrictions on the BFI player...and, a press screening that was overly attended. Note to BFI: prioritise the press!

Mothers Of  The Revolution Spencer

Day 3...

Great Freedom The Hand Of God Velvet Underground

Via BFI Player...

Sediments White Building Flee

Day 4...

Last Night In Soho Titanium Sundown

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La Mif Language Lessons

Day 5...

The French Dispatch Passing The Tender Bar

Via BFI Player...

Wheel Of Fortune And Fantasy Welcome To Spain

Day 6...

Power Of The Dog

Day 7...

Belfast The Divide

Day 8...

The Lost Daughter Neptune Frost Munich

Day 9...

Les Olympiades

Day 10...

Benediction Petite Maman

Day 11...

Memoria Benedetta 

Day 12...

Tragedy Of Macbeth

Short films...

Femme For Love 2021

International Dawn Chorus Day Stiletto



Mejor película LGTBI del 69 Festival de San Sebastián en cualquiera de sus secciones oficiales a concurso y que refleje los valores y la realidad de lesbianas, gais, transexuales y bisexuales.

Honek, 69. Donostia Zinemaldian, LGTBI filma bat sarituko du; lehietako sailetan aukeratuko duena eta Lesbianen, gayen, transexualen eta bisexualen balioak eta errealitatea islatuko dituena.

Best LGTBI film of the 69th edition of the San Sebastian Festival in any of its official sections in competition. The film reflects the values and reality of lesbians, gays, transsexuals and bisexuals.

Seb21 Web Banner Slider Candidatas

Queer Lion 2021...

The Last ChapterQueer Lion 2021...

La Dernière Séance / The Last Chapter


Gianluca Matarrese 

The Queer Lion 2021 goes to La dernière séance (The Last Chapter) by Gianluca Matarrese, for its ability to draw a portrait shifting from intimate to universal, thanks to the documentary form used with outstanding narrative cogency, to give voice to the necessary memory of a chapter of history – the era of Aids – that is far from over, while at the same time cleverly dismantling the taboo surrounding BDSM practices.

The jury – composed by Ilaria Feole (journalist, film critic), Antonella Benanzato (journalist, artist), Angelica Lorenzon (interpreter) – chose the winner among the following 10 titles:

The Power of the Dog by Jane Campion (New Zealand, Australia, 125’, 2021)
Competencia oficial by Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn (Spain, Argentina, 114’, 2021)
Madres paralelas by Pedro Almodóvar (Spain, 120’, 2021)
Il bambino nascosto by Roberto Andò (Italy, France, 110’, 2021)
Il paradiso del pavone by Laura Bispuri (Italy, Germany, 89’, 2021)
El hoyo en la cerca by Joaquín del Paso (Mexico, Poland, 100’, 2021)
La santa piccola by Silvia Brunelli (Italy, 97’, 2021)
Deserto Particular by Aly Muritiba (Brazil, Portugal, 120’, 2021)
Il silenzio grande by Alessandro Gassmann (Italy, Poland, 106’, 2021)
La dernière séance by Gianluca Matarrese (Italy, France, 100’, 2021)


Winners @ Venice Film Festival 2021...

Venice 2021Main Venice Awards

The Venezia 2021 Jury, chaired by Bong Joon Ho, with Saverio Costanzo, Virginie Efira, Cynthia Erivo, Sarah Gadon, Alexander Nanau, and Chloé Zhao, having viewed all 21 films in the competition, has decided:

Golden Lion for Best Film:
Happening (L'événement) by Audrey Diwan (France)

Silver Lion Grand Jury Prize:
The Hand of God (È stata la mano di Dio) by Paolo Sorrentino (Italy)

Silver Lion Award for Best Director:
Jane Campion for the film The Power of the Dog

Coppa Volpi for Best Actress:
Penélope Cruz in the film Parallel Mothers by Pedro Almodóvar

Coppa Volpi for Best Actor:
John Arcilla in the film On the Job: The Missing 8 by Erik Matti

Award for Best Screenplay:
Maggie Gyllenhaal for The Lost Daughter directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal

Special Jury Prize:
Il Buco by Michelangelo Frammartino

Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor or Actress:
Filippo Scotti in the film The Hand of God by Paolo Sorrentino

"Luigi De Laurentiis" Venice Award for a Debut Film:
Immaculate (Imaculat) by Monica Stan & George Chiper

Orizzonti Section Awards

The Orizzonti 2021 Jury, chaired by Jasmila Žbanić, and comprised of Mona Fastvold, Shahram Mokri, Josh Siegel e Nadia Terranova, after screening the 19 films + 12 shorts in the competition, has decided to award:

Orizzonti Award for Best Film:
Pilgrims (Piligrimai) by Laurynas Bareiša (Lithuania)

Orizzonti Award for Best Director:
Full Time (À Plein Temps) by Éric Gravel (France)

Special Orizzonti Jury Prize:
The Great Movement (El Gran Movimiento) by Kiro Russo

Orizzonti Award for Best Actress:
Laure Calamy in the film Full Time (À Plein Temps) by Éric Gravel

Orizzonti Award for Best Actor:
Piseth Chhun in the film White Building (Bodeng Sar) by Kavich Neang

Orizzonti Award for Best Screenplay:
Peter Kerekes & Ivan Ostrochovský for 107 Mothers (Cenzorka)


15. Queer Lion Award...

15. Queer Lion Award: films in competition...

The Power of the Dog by Jane Campion (New Zealand, Australia, 125 ‘, 2021)
Set in the 20’s, the story centers on the Burbank brothers, Phil and George, well-off siblings owners of a Montana ranch overlooking the valley. The two could not be more different: whereas Phil is a bright but cruel man, with an overbearing and violent attitude, George is a stubborn and fussy, but always kind. When George secretly marries Rose, a young widow, Phil refuses to accept it and starts a ruthless war against her,  using her son Peter as a pawn.

Competencia oficial by Gastón Duprat, Mariano Cohn (Spain, Argentina, 114 ‘, 2021)
Looking for a prestige project that will leave a mark, a billionaire decides to finance a film. He hires renowned director Lola Cuevas, who, however, immediately finds herself in trouble, having to manage the clashing egos of the two leads, Hollywood star Félix and “serious theater” actor Iván. In order to try to create some chemistry between the two men, she comes up with a series of weird labours they will have to overcome.

Madres paralelas by Pedro Almodóvar (Spain, 120 ‘, 2021)
Two women from Madrid, both single and dealing with an unexpected pregnancy, find themselves giving birth on the same day in the same hospital: middle-aged Janis, comforts younger Ana, frightened about the future, and the words they exchange in those hours, in an anonymous hospital corridor, will end up changing their lives in an unexpected way.

Il bambino nascosto by Roberto Andò (Italy, France, 110 ‘, 2021)
Gabriele Santoro, a piano teacher at San Pietro a Majella Conservatory, lives in a low-class district in Naples. Silent, cultured, solitary, he is a man of hidden, secret passions. One morning a ten-year-old boy sneaks into his apartment and hides in it. Gabriele will soon discover that the child is the son of a Camorra man and that, as it often happens to those denied of their childhood, Ciro ignores the alphabet of feelings.

Il paradiso del pavone by Laura Bispuri (Italy, Germany, 89 ‘, 2021)
On a winter’s day, Nena gathers her family to celebrate her birthday. Il paradiso del pavone (The peacock’s paradise) is a small journey into the intimacy and authenticity of human beings: a film about an extended family in which everyone talks but no one really listens. Until an unexpected event forces the family members to look into each other’s eyes and reveal themselves for what they really are.

El hoyo en la cerca by Joaquín del Paso (Mexico, Poland, 100 ‘, 2021)
As every year, the Los Pinos school, a prestigious school of the confessional type, sends its students on retreat to the countryside. Under the watchful eye of teachers and priests, the children are led on the path of their physical and moral development. Through the gaze of several middle and upper class teenagers, the film shows how their upbringing affects the future of society itself.

La santa piccola by Silvia Brunelli (Italy, 97 ‘, 2021)
Mario and Lino, two friends, born and raised in the Sanità quarter in Naples, are two eighteen-year-olds who never stepped out from that micro-reality. They lead a monotonous life, until the sister of one of them convinces the locals that she has performed a miracle and she starts being whorshipped as a living Saint. The fate of her family abruptly changes and both boys find out that they are different from what they thought: Mario realizes that he is homosexual and in love with Lino, who, instead, does not notice it, and, actually tries to find a way out from the routine of his life.

Deserto Particular by Aly Muritiba (Brazil, Portugal, 120 ‘, 2021)
A lonely forty-year-old policeman lives in the rich south of Brazil. His heart beats for a woman he met online. Although they never met in person, their relationship becomes deeper and more and more solid. One day the woman disappears from the web and he decides to leave for Bahia and look for her. Upon reaching his destination, he will discover that the woman he loves actually is a man.

Il silenzio grande by Alessandro Gassmann (Italy, Poland, 106 ‘, 2021)
Villa Primic, once a luxurious mansion, now nothing more than a ruin that looks like something out of a ghost story, has been put up for sale. A painful decision, taken by Mrs. Rose Primic, and shared by Massimiliano (who comes out in a very touching way) and Adele, heirs to the dilapidated fortune of the family: the only one who is not happy at all is the head of the family, Valerio, who will discover that he never really got to know his dear ones and, perhaps, not even himself, to the point of reaching the bitter awareness that living does not mean being alive.

La dernière séance by Gianluca Matarrese (Italy, France, 100 ‘, 2021)
Bernard has just retired. He is 63 years old, he lives alone with his two cats and decides to move to a new house, the one where he will live the last chapter of his life. Preparing the boxes, he begins to make a selection: what to leave, what to bring? Bernard is my master and I am his slave. His last lover I help him to put the whip in a box, between fragments of his memories; memories of the loves that AIDS has stolen from his arms, the traces of an adoptive family that rejected him, of the rigid upbringing that forged him, of a mother and father he never knew. Our sexual games are the chances for two generations to meet: between a whiplash and a leather harness we discuss about love, death, the AIDS epidemic in the Eighties, his new life project, about us. The wounds and grave goods of a survivor, a cry for life in the light of sexual impulses.

15. Queer Lion Award: out of competition...

La scuola cattolica by Stefano Mordini (Italy, 106’, 2021)
In a residential area of Rome, there is a well-known Catholic school for boys, where children from the cream of the crop of upper-middle class are educated. Their families feel that in that context, children can grow up protected from the turmoil that society is going through, and that that rigid education will open the doors to a bright future for them.

 Ariaferma by Leonardo Di Costanzo (Italy, Switzerland, 117 ‘, 2021)
An old nineteenth-century prison, located in an inaccessible and unspecified Italian area, is about to be closed. Due to bureaucratic problems, transfers are blocked and a dozen of prisoners await for their new destination, along with the few agents left. In a suspended atmosphere, the rules of separation are loosened and new forms of relationships seem to blossom among the men.

Bodeng sar (White Building) by Kavich Neang (Cambodia, France, China, Qatar, 90 ‘, 2021)
Growing up in Phnom Penh’s historic White Building, 20-year-old Samnang, along with two friends, Tol and Ah Kha, dreams of becoming a dance star thanks to a TV contest. All changes when, unexpectedly, Ah Kha reveals that he will soon be leaving Cambodia.

Isolation by Michele Placido, Julia von Heinz, Olivier Guerpillon, Jaco Van Dormael, Michael Wintebottom (Italy, Uk, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, 88’, 2021)
A collective documentary film, from five european directors asked to witness the revolutions and dramas caused in their own Countries by the pandemic; among them, “Two Fathers”, directed by Julia von Heinz (20’). After the death of his father, Hans-Michael von Heinz, the director finds out the truth about her parent true sexual identity. In order to know more, she starts emailing persons who got to know him over the last years, among them his closest friend, director Rosa von Praunheim.

Caveman – Il gigante nascosto by Tommaso Landucci (Italy, Switzerland, 91’, 2021)
It has been almost thirty years since Filippo Dobrilla started to sculpt a giant male nude inside a cave 650 metres deep in the Apuan Alps. This almost inaccessible place has jealously protected his secret: his youthful passion for a fellow climber, a passion Filippo was only able to indulge in here in the intimacy of this cave. Even after it was over and ever since then, Filippo has been returning regularly to the cave to work on the most important sculpture of his life, a masterpiece no one will see.

Techno, mama by Saulius Baradinskas (Lithuania, 18’, 2021)
Nikita loves to listen to techno music and dreams to go to Berlin and visit the famous club “Berghain”. His mother Irena doesn’t know about his son’s dreams and soon enough their mutual expectations will clash.

In The Mist by Tung-yen Chou (Taipei, 15’)
Theater and new media director Chou Tung-Yen touches on the unspeakable life experience of the gay community culture, exploring a male sauna through poetic lenses to take a peek into something that’s hidden under the desire—the love without love.

Era ieri (It Was Yesterday) by Valentina Pedici (Italy, 14’, 2016)
13-year-old Giò and Matteo are best friends. A small strip of land between the sky and the sea in Southern Italy is their kingdom. They head a group of boys, they do some petty thefts to feel grown up in an age of hope and childish games.


Edinburgh International Film Festival 2021...

 by David Anderson Cutler   

EIFF 2021 Logo

This year, the Edinburgh International Film Festival is a little's moved month [was that a wise decision what with everything else going on?], it's smaller [due to Covid, understandably so] and mostly [but partially, un-understandably so] on-line...but, at least, it's happening.

So...without further ado, let's get on with the show...

Day 1...18 August...

by Michael Sarnoski

Not being an ardent Nicholas Cage fan...what did we think of 'Pig'?

Here's a film that ought to be seen twice [luckily we did]...the second viewing draws you in so much further...revealing the then, the here and now and the what could have been. It's very, very clever.

A little knowledge about fine-dining will most certainly help...the savagery that exists in Michelin starred kitchens and restaurants is brilliantly highlighted in the underground fight scene. Those who have worked for difficult, demanding chefs can only imagine the joy [and relief] of punching the lights out of their praised employer - here, it becomes a reality - at a price! It's a bizarre scene...but, when you really think about it, fine-dining is absolutely both its practise and its exclusivity.

Is Michael Sarnoski taking a swipe at fine-dining? Perhaps...up to a point...but, what he does do is instill the joy, warmth and brings and gives. Smell and taste...are the conduits for memories, giving them a tangible dimension. They [these senses] can place you back in time in an instant. And that is exactly what this film places a melancholic Nicholas Cage on different stages of his own say anymore would be amiss. 

If you can sniff it out...this pig is stuffed full of grief, emotion and really is a stunning film.

Day 2...19 August...

The Servant 4k The Bright Side

Day 3...20 August...

 Rebel Dykes Europa

Day 4...21 August...

Mad God Annette

Day 5...22 August...

Stop Zemlia Martyrs Lane Justice Of Bunny King

Day 6...23 August...

Mandibules Faceless

Day 7...24 August...

 Man Who Sold His Skin Walk With Angels

Day 8...25 August...

Here Today

Here's a note to distributors/filmmakers & curators/programmers...there are quite a few films that we wanted to watch...but, alas, were neither available on the on-line platform nor no press tickets...don't these films want publicity? Why choose films that don't want coverage?

Here's a note to those other distributors/filmmakers who do that [ridiculous] by-request-only thing...we journalists are inundated with screeners...and, we all do try to cover as many films as possible...but, if you put up barriers...then, your film [like 90% of all films presented at festivals] will remain unwatched and - sadly - forgotten [your fault]. What is the point of presenting...if you impose restrictions!?! We [journalists] are very busy during a festival...we can't always respond to your by-request. Our policy is. [and will always remain]..we don't and we will never do...a request. We can live without watching your film! receives more than 7 million visits every month...that's what we call a wasted opportunity.

All these [mismanaged] films are listed here [some, as you will see, don't need coverage, their star power alone gives them that]...but, if it is your [film's] PR company imposing these restrictions...then, utilize the services of a better, more savvy, other. Our advice...newer, younger PR companies know more than the old-fashioned, stuck-in-their-ways, exclusive, snobby, restrictive antiques [we have a list of the culprits]. Film PR has changed [mostly, for the better]...if you can't keep up, get out. It's your film, promote it, let people see it...that's what festivals are for!

Covid has presented all of us with immense and unimaginable difficulties...but, as many festivals have done - on-line - their entire programme has been available on-line. The decision maker[s] at Edinburgh Film Festival - this year - seem[s] to have made quite a few avoidable missteps.

Films not the press...

Beta Test Everybodys Talking About Jamie Night House Sous Le Ciel D Alice 

Films by-request...

Ninjababy Laurent Garnier


Lawrence After Arabia - Trailer...

Retiring to his cottage in Dorset Lawrence hopes to forget his past fighting in Arabia but soon he is drawn into political intrigue and his many enemies begin to plot against him. Was a motorcycle crash an accident or attempt at assassination by the British Secret Service? "Lawrence: After Arabia" tells the story of the last years of the life of the 20th century hero, T.E. Lawrence - Lawrence of Arabia. Lawrence was a writer and poet with friendships with GB Shaw, Thomas Hardy, Henry Williamson, EM Forster, Siegfried Sassoon and others but he was also a political agitator and good friends with Winston Churchill. Lawrence lived at Cloud's Hill, his simple cottage near Bovington in Dorset where he spent years escaping the "Lawrence of Arabia" and hero epithets by using pseudonyms and changing his name. He still had strong ties with his Arab friends, was building bridges with Mosely and the Blackshirts and was also be prepared for a leadership position in the Secret Service. In common with many other soldiers, he suffered from depression and post traumatic stress disorder. His uncompromising and direct manner and beliefs created many powerful and influential enemies. Chronologically the story follows on from David Lean's "Lawrence of Arabia" (1962) with the late Peter O'Toole playing Lawrence and "Dangerous Man: Lawrence After Arabia" (1990) with Ralph Fiennes who played the title role. The screenplay is a British period drama and a character study of a man that uses extracts from letters and other contemporaneous documents from the period to reconstruct the final years of Lawrence's life, the accident, inquest and his funeral and why the authorities want to eliminate him. — Mark J.T. Griffin

The Last Duel | Official Trailer...

Watch the new trailer for "The Last Duel" a tale of betrayal & vengeance set against the brutality of 14th century France directed by Ridley Scott and starring Jodie Comer, Adam Driver, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. In theaters October 15.

Cannes 2021...the winners...

Cannes-2021The winners are:

Palme d’Or

Grand Prix (two winners)
Asghar Farhadi, A Hero
Juho Kuosmanen, Compartment No. 6

Best Director
Leos Carox, Annette

Best Screenplay
Hamaguchi Ryusuke and Takamasa Oe, Drive My Car

Best Actress
Renate Reinste, The Worst Person in the World

Jury Prize
Memoria, Apichatpong Weerasethakul

Jury Prize
Ahed’s Knee, Nadav Lapid

Best Actor
Caleb Landry Jones, Nitram

Honorary Palme d’Or
Marco Bellocchio

Camera d’Or
Murina, Antoneta Alamat Kusijanovic

Queer Palm 2021...

Queer Palm 2021There seems to be a little trouble in the Queer Palm coverage has been minimal and their social media activity has been meagre...they seem to have abandoned Twitter altogether!

Divide (The) by Catherine Corsini

Frida by Aleksandra Odic

Fall of the Swift (The) by Gonzalo Quincoces

Here's an article we explains the apparent dis-interest...but, it doesn't say why!!!

Cannes cold shoulders its 'Queer Palm' prize...

It has been won by big-name Hollywood directors and is headed by one of France's top comic stars, but the "Queer Palm" prize which celebrates LGBTQ movies at Cannes still has no official place at the world's top film festival.

Awards for films with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer content are already an integral part of other major movie gatherings, including Berlin which has handed out its "Teddy Award" since 1987, and made it part of its official programme.

Not so at Cannes, where the festival's leadership won't even allow the "Queer Palm" -- which has been running for a decade -- to set up shop in its main building, the Palais du Festival.

"We're not ugly ducklings," actor and director Nicolas Maury, who heads up the "Queer Palm" jury this year, told AFP [Agence France-Presse].

Maury, one of the stars of hit Netflix show "Call My Agent", added: "It's a central prize that doesn't deserve to be sidelined. I think it would be a good idea for it to be part of the official ceremony."

Maury said the award, created in 2010 and independently financed, is aimed at "courageous films that feature openness and humanity" where people who are often discriminated against "are finally noticed and listened to".

Past winners include Todd Haynes for "Carol" and Xavier Dolan for "Laurence Anyways". "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" by Celine Sciamma won at the last Cannes in 2019.

This year's shortlist of 26 movies includes Paul Verhoeven's "Benedetta" -- vying for the Palme d'Or in the main Cannes competition -- which tells the story of a lesbian nun in 17th-century Italy.

"Compartment No 6" by Juho Kuosmanen of Finland and "The Divide" by French director Catherine Corsini, which both feature lesbian lead characters, are also in the running, as is the gender-fluid shocker "Titane" by Julia Ducournau and several others spread over the festival's various categories.

"Queer Palm" founder Franck Finance-Madureira told AFP he was delighted that this year's Cannes selections made for rich pickings for his prize shortlist.

"This shows that queer themes are more and more prevalent in films," he said.

Queer Palm 2021...Nominees...

Queer Palm 20212021 films in competition:

Films from the official selection

Benedetta de Paul Verhoeven

The divide by Catherine Corsini

The Olympics by Jacques Audiard

Titanium of Julia Ducournau

Compartment N ° 6 de Juho Kuosmanen

Everything went well by François Ozon

Films from the Un Certain Regard selection

Great Freedom de Sebastian Meise

Money Boys de Jilin Chen Bo

Women Do Cry de Mina Mileva et Vesela Kazakova

Films from the Directors’ Fortnight selection

The hill where the lionesses roar by Luàna Bajrami

Neptune Frost by Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman

Return to Reims (Fragments) by Jean-Gabriel Périot

Films from the Critics’ Week selection

The Loves of Anaïs by Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet

Bruno Reidal by Vincent Le Port

Small type of Samuel Theis

Films from the ACID selection

Ghost Song de Nicolas Peduzzi

Came to the shore de Lin Wang

Short films in competition:

Top hearts d’Adrian Moyse Dullin

Simone is gone de Mathilde Chavanne

Out of water by Jela Hasler

Brutalia, days of toil by Manolis Mavris

Billy Boy by Sacha Amaral

Cicada the Yoon Dae-woen

King Max of Adèle Vincenti-Crasson

The Fall of the Swift by Gonzalo Quincoces

Frida d’Aleksandra Odic


Halloween Kills - Official Trailer...

In 2018, David Gordon Green’s Halloween, starring icon Jamie Lee Curtis, killed at the box office, earning more than $250 million worldwide, becoming the highest-grossing chapter in the four-decade franchise and setting a new record for the biggest opening weekend in history for a horror film starring a woman.

And the Halloween night when Michael Myers returned isn’t over yet.

In Theaters and Streaming Only on Peacock October 15



"Tajabone" is a short film about the french black queer community taking pride in who they are, what they have achieved, and embracing the bodies they are in. Wearing leopard-print leotards that embody their fierce dancing styles, the stars of "Tajabone" use their bodies to explore the fragility, strength, and conviction at the heart of a community bonded by radical self-expression...

IN THE HEIGHTS - Official Trailer...

The creator of “Hamilton” and the director of “Crazy Rich Asians” invite you to the event of the summer, where the streets are made of music and little dreams become big... “In the Heights.”

Lights up on Washington Heights...The scent of a cafecito caliente hangs in the air just outside of the 181st Street subway stop, where a kaleidoscope of dreams rallies this vibrant and tight-knit community. At the intersection of it all is the likeable, magnetic bodega owner Usnavi (Anthony Ramos), who saves every penny from his daily grind as he hopes, imagines and sings about a better life.

AT finally is being released...June 11 2021

THE SPARKS BROTHERS - Official Trailer...

In Theaters June 18...

How can one rock band be successful, underrated, hugely influential, and criminally overlooked all at the same time? Edgar Wright’s debut documentary THE SPARKS BROTHERS, which features commentary from celebrity fans Flea, Jane Wiedlin, Beck, Jack Antonoff, Jason Schwartzman, Neil Gaiman, and more, takes audiences on a musical odyssey through five weird and wonderful decades with brothers/bandmates Ron and Russell Mael celebrating the inspiring legacy of Sparks: your favorite band’s favorite band.

Directed by Edgar Wright.

HALSTON | Official Trailer...

HALSTON, starring Ewan McGregor, is the untold story of the meteoric rise and fall of the first American celebrity fashion designer.

His name built an empire. His style defined an era. American fashion designer Halston skyrockets to fame before his life starts to spin out of control.

Premieres 14th May.

ANNETTE Trailer...

Los Angeles, today. Henry (Adam Driver) is a stand-up comedian with a fierce sense of humor who falls in love with Ann (Marion Cotillard), a world-renowned opera singer. Under the spotlight, they form a passionate and glamorous couple. The birth of their first child, Annette, a mysterious little girl with an exceptional destiny, will turn their lives upside down. A film by visionary director Leos Carax (Holy Motors), with story and music by Ron & Russel Mael of The Sparks, this original musical is a journey of passion, love, and fame.

32nd GLAAD Media Award Winners...

GMA32 Logo Blue 01The full list of winners at the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards:

Outstanding Film – Wide ReleaseHappiest Season (Hulu/TriStar Pictures)

Outstanding Film – Limited ReleaseThe Boys in the Band (Netflix)

Outstanding Documentary: Disclosure (Netflix)

Outstanding Comedy SeriesSchitt’s Creek (Pop)

Outstanding Drama SeriesStar Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)

Outstanding TV Movie: Uncle Frank (Amazon Studios)

Outstanding Limited or Anthology SeriesI May Destroy You (HBO)
Outstanding Reality ProgramWe’re Here (HBO)

Outstanding Children’s ProgrammingThe Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo (HBO Max)

Outstanding Kids & Family Programming [TIE]: First Day (Hulu) and She-Ra & The Princesses of Power (DreamWorks Animation/Netflix)

Outstanding Music Artist: Sam Smith, Love Goes (Capitol)

Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist: CHIKA, Industry Games (Warner Records)

Outstanding Video Game [TIE]: Tell Me Why (DONTNOD Entertainment & Xbox Game Studios) and

The Last of Us Part II (Naughty Dog & Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Outstanding Comic BookEmpyre, Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling, Empyre: Aftermath Avengers, by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Chip Zdarsky, Anthony Oliveira, Valerio Schiti, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Marte Gracia, Triona Farrell, Joe Caramagna, Ariana Maher, Travis Lanham (Marvel Comics)

Outstanding Variety or Talk Show Episode: “Lilly Responds to Comments About Her Sexuality” A Little Late With Lilly Singh (NBC)

Outstanding TV Journalism Segment: “Dwyane Wade One-On-One: Basketball Legend Opens Up About Supporting Transgender Daughter” Good Morning America (ABC)

Outstanding TV Journalism – Long-Form: “ABC News Joe Biden Town Hall” (ABC)

Outstanding Print Article: “20 LGBTQ+ People Working to Save Lives on the Frontline” by Diane Anderson-Minshall, David Artavia, Tracy Gilchrist, Desiree Guerrero, Jeffrey Masters, Donald Padgett, and Daniel Reynolds (The Advocate)

Outstanding Magazine Overall CoveragePeople

Outstanding Online Journalism Article: “Gay Men Speak Out After Being Turned Away from Donating Blood During Coronavirus Pandemic: ‘We are Turning Away Perfectly Healthy Donors’” by Tony Morrison and Joel Lyons (

Outstanding Online Journalism – Video or Multimedia: “Stop Killing Us: Black Transgender Women’s Lived Experiences” by Complex World (Complex News)

Outstanding Blog: TransGriot

Barbara Gittings Award for Excellence in LGBTQ MediaWindy City Times

Special RecognitionAfter Forever (Amazon)

Special Recognition: Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast

Special Recognition: Happiest Season Soundtrack (Facet/Warner Records)

Special RecognitionNoah’s Arc: The ‘Rona Chronicles (Patrik Ian-Polk Entertainment)

Special RecognitionOut (Pixar/Disney+)

Special RecognitionRazor Tongue (YouTube)

Special Recognition: “The Son” Little America (Apple TV+)

Outstanding Spanish-Language Scripted Television SeriesVeneno (HBO Max)

Outstanding Spanish-Language TV Journalism: “La Hermana de Aleyda Ortiz Narra Cómo Salió del Clóset y Cómo se lo Comunicó a su Familia” Despierta América (Univision)

Outstanding Spanish-Language Online Journalism Article: “Desapareció en México, Solo se Hallaron sus Restos: La Historia de la Doctora María Elizabeth Montaño y su Importancia para la Comunidad Trans” por Albinson Linares y Marina E. Franco (

Outstanding Spanish-Language Online Journalism – Video or Multimedia: “Soy Trans: El Camino a un Nuevo Despertar” por Sarah Moreno, Esther Piccolino, y José Sepúlveda (El Nuevo Herald)

Special Recognition (Spanish-Language): Jesse & Joy, “Love (Es Nuestro Idioma)”


The Man Who Sold His Skin - Trailer...

Academy Award® Nominee for Best International Feature Film

Sam Ali, a young sensitive and impulsive Syrian, left his country for Lebanon to escape the war. To be able to travel to Europe and live with the love of his life, he accepts to have his back tattooed by one of the World’s most sulfurous contemporary artist. Turning his own body into a prestigious piece of art, Sam will however come to realize that his decision might actually mean anything but freedom.

Oscars 2021...Winners...

OscarsThe 93rd Academy Awards took place on Sunday, April 25th at the Dolby Theatre + other locations with a live telecast airing on ABC. This year's ceremony will not have a host. Here are the winners:

The Father
Judas and the Black Messiah
Promising Young Woman
Sound of Metal
The Trial of the Chicago 7

Thomas Vinterberg - Another Round
David Fincher - Mank
Lee Isaac Chung - Minari
Chloe Zhao - Nomadland
Emerald Fennell - Promising Young Woman

Riz Ahmed - Sound of Metal
Chadwick Boseman - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Anthony Hopkins - The Father
Gary Oldman - Mank
Steven Yeun - Minari

Viola Davis - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom
Andra Day - The United States vs. Billie Holiday
Vanessa Kirby - Pieces of a Woman
Frances McDormand - Nomadland
Carey Mulligan - Promising Young Woman

Sacha Baron Cohen - The Trial of the Chicago 7
Daniel Kaluuya - Judas and the Black Messiah
Leslie Odom Jr. - One Night in Miami
Paul Raci - Sound of Metal
Lakeith Stanfield - Judas and the Black Messiah

Maria Bakalova - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm
Glenn Close - Hillbilly Elegy
Olivia Colman - The Father
Amanda Seyfried - Mank
Youn Yuh-jung - Minari

Judas and the Black Messiah - Will Berson, Shaka King, Keith Lucas, Kenneth Lucas
Minari - Lee Isaac Chung
Promising Young Woman - Emerald Fennell
Sound of Metal - Abraham Marder, Darius Marder, Derek Cianfrance
The Trial of the Chicago 7 - Aaron Sorkin

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm - Peter Baynham, Sacha Baron Cohen, Jena Friedman, Anthony Hines, Lee Kern, Dan Mazer, Nina Pedrad, Erica Rivinoja, Dan Swimer
The Father - Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller
Nomadland - Chloé Zhao
One Night in Miami - Kemp Powers
The White Tiger - Ramin Bahrani

Over the Moon
Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon

Another Round (Denmark)
Better Days (Hong Kong)
Collective (Romania)
The Man Who Sold His Skin (Tunisia)
Quo Vadis, Aida? (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

Judas and the Black Messiah - Sean Bobbitt
Mank - Erik Messerschmidt
News of the World - Dariusz Wolski
Nomadland - Joshua James Richards
The Trial of the Chicago 7 - Phedon Papamichael

Crip Camp
The Mole Agent
My Octopus Teacher

A Concerto is a Conversation
Do Not Split
Hunger Ward
A Love Song for Latasha

Genius Loci
If Anything Happens I Love You

Feeling Through
The Letter Room
The Present
Two Distant Strangers
White Eye

Love and Monsters
The Midnight Sky
The One and Only Ivan

The Father - PD: Peter Francis; Set: Cathy Featherstone
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - PD: Mark Ricker; Set: Karen O'Hara & Diana Stoughton
Mank - PD: Donald Graham Burt; Set: Jan Pascale
News of the World - PD: David Crank; Set: Elizabeth Keenan
Tenet - PD: Nathan Crowley; Set: Kathy Lucas

Emma - Alexandra Byrne
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - Ann Roth
Mank - Trish Summerville
Mulan - Bina Daigeler
Pinocchio - Massimo Cantini Parrini

Emma - Marese Langan, Laura Allen, Claudia Stolze
Hillbilly Elegy - Eryn Krueger Mekash, Matthew Mungle, Patricia Dehaney
Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom - Sergio Lopez-Rivera, Mia Neal, Jamika Wilson
Mank - Gigi Williams, Kimberley Spiteri, Colleen LaBaff
Pinocchio - Mark Coulier, Dalia Colli, Francesco Pegoretti

The Father - Yorgos Lamprinos
Nomadland - Chloé Zhao
Promising Young Woman - Frédéric Thoraval
Sound of Metal - Mikkel E. G. Nielsen
The Trial of the Chicago 7 - Alan Baumgarten

News of the World
Sound of Metal

Da 5 Bloods - Terence Blanchard
Mank - Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross
Minari - Emile Mosseri
News of the World - James Newton Howard
Soul - Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste

"Fight For You" from Judas and the Black Messiah
"Hear My Voice" from The Trial of the Chicago 7
"Husavik" from Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga
"lo Sì (Seen)" from The Life Ahead (La Vita Davanti a Se)
"Speak Now" from One Night in Miami


BFI Flare 2021...Our Coverage...

Flare 2021 Bannerby David Anderson Cutler

The time has raise the's BFI Flare 2021!!!

All films are available on-line between 17 - 28 March - everything you need to know to watch the films can be found here

And...all 38 short films can be watched for FREE! here

Five Films For Freedom returns!

The world’s largest LGBTIQ+ digital campaign returns for its seventh edition in 2021, reminding audiences that Love is Still a Human Right.

Broadcasting five brand-new LGBTIQ+ films to countries around the world, this year’s programme showcases queer storytelling from India, Spain, Sweden, USA and the UK.

In a continuing creative partnership, the British Council has selected five short films from the BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival which are available to watch for free from 17 to 28 March 2021 on British Council’s global digital networks and on BFI

Since all the films are being released at the same time and can be watched at any time during the festival - we have put together our viewing schedule, why not joins us...and if you feel compelled to write something about a film, whether it is to berate or compliment our coverage...feel free...and, with your permission, we will publish your comments...just send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Let the festival begin...! 

Day 1 - 17 March 2021...

Jump-DarlingJump, Darling
by Phil Connell's a film that will always be neck-deep in sadness, being Cloris Leachman's final film.

Frail, she most certainly is...and, still, sharp as a tack. Drag and dementia, not the usual bed buddies...but, here, hand-in-hand companions. At times, more bitter than sweet...and, on the odd occasion, more sweet than bitter.

Estranged grandson returns...out of [self-imposed] steal...from his vulnerable and ailing grandma - he's the perfect, self-centred drag! And...a rather damn fine performance from Thomas Duplessie it is too! Like, loathe, love...he conjures up all these emotions...while - resiliently - endearing himself.

It is a heady mix of hedonism and humanity...with generational clashes taking centre stage. A difficult balance indeed..and, Phil Connell does a decent job maintaining it. There are a couple of off-piste moments...but, they are forgivable. As good as it is, the d-i-y drag sequence in the closed bar is a bit of an incongruity. The subplot with the closeted bisexual - quite possibly - a bit of an unnecessity. Let's not mention the scene[s] with the owner of Peckers! Rather weird and totally spurious. Thankfully, these 'faux pas' fail to contaminate this film as a whole. They are just mere aberrations...

Because...there's Cloris. She steals the show...with her grit and resolve. Sentimentality would have killed this film stone dead...simply because, both leads have very little in that department - their lives have been/are being led for themselves - it's a powerful statement. There are regrets and there are apologies...and, they are all just too, too late.

With equal amounts of light and shade...Jump, Darling leaves much unsaid...the beauty of the film is that, by the end, everything has been said...without the stress of saying it, by way of a look or a touch. Ultimately, this is about end-of-life and self-discovery...the two are closer than you think!

A gem of a film.

Mama-GloriaMama Gloria
by Luchina Fisher

Here's a woman worth listening to. And, Luchina Fisher lets Mama Gloria talk...against a plain, black background, straight to camera, with no technical trickery...allowing the words to speak for themselves. And...the authenticity speaks for itself too. How refreshing.

Gloria is getting on a bit...once, she had something to say...and, guess what? She still has something to say! The voice of experience. Those who ignore those voices of experience will - undoubtedly - fall foul. Few - if any - tread new ground...but, one of the newest territories [to have been trodden in recent years] is that of transition...well, Gloria has been-and-done-that...a wise, younger person travelling down the same road will do themselves a massive favour by listening to her.

Call it what you will...personal testimony, contemporary social matter, it is vital. To educate the under-educated, to enlighten those who need to call upon a shared help them through the minefield. Gloria will help...most definitely, some will call her old-fashioned...but, hey...we all become old-fashioned. Give it - most definitely - will happen to you...too! Ouch! Reality hurts!

Few stones are left unturned...even down to Gloria's missing tooth! thing that is so evident...Gloria needs support, her story needs to be preserved. This film accomplishes the preservation...those of the many who love her - those who she's time to step up! 

A dignified lady...and, a film that does her justice.

Day 2 - 18 March 2021...

The-GreenhouseThe Greenhouse
by Thomas Wilson-White

A grieving family drama that veers from a perceived predictability into some very strange waters indeed. As to its success...well, that is wholly dependent on your own interpretation and acceptance of the events!

We saw this as a portrait of collective grief, pansexual siblings grieve [in different ways] over the loss of one of their mothers...their differences are/is what brings them together. Along with their they represent the 5 stages of grief? Perhaps, they do...then again...perhaps, they don't. Perplexing to say the least...but, The Greenhouse does, at times, intentionally perplex!

Truly...this is an ambitious, genre-bending debut. Thomas Wilson-White manages to create and sustain a viable atmosphere's a little spooky, with an ounce of the supernatural and a few grams of sci-fi...all rolled into one. The only hiccup was the Time-Bandits-like entrance into the parallel universe...through a car boot! A bamboozling stretch of the imagination!

There is much to admire...performances, cinematography and score. What it lacks...and, this is just a mere the immense well of emotion normally associated with the loss of a parent. Yes...emotions do fly all over the place and when they do all come together, the director preferred to keep them more under control than allow them and the obvious sentimentality to run riot. This was the director's prerogative...the audience...well, this audience member, just wanted to bawl their eyes out...the opportunity was there! It would have left a far more lingering impression. assured debut nonetheless.

Enfant-TerribleEnfant Terrible
by Oskar Roehler

Why not make a bio-pic about the style of Fassbinder himself!?! Brave? Daft? Bold? Delusional? All of abundance!

Look...prior knowledge of the beatified Fassbinder [and his litany of work] will certainly help. Needless to say, Fassbinder occupies - most assuredly - now and forevermore - the love-him-or-loathe-him territory. This film will do nothing but push the general consensus towards the loathing!

It doesn't take a genius to deduct, from this relentlessly scathing portrait, that the director - Oskar Roehler - loathed the man...or, is this some kind of revenge upon the best dead German director of all time [in some people's opinion] by the best living German director of the moment [in some people's opinion]!?! Oooh what a conundrum! But...the question has to be asked: Was Herr Roehler the best director for the job?

Yes! Not a whiff of sycophancy here. Some 'names' have been changed to appease the doesn't take a genius to figure out who they are! The Fassbinder Foundation stills wields an almighty the German film industry...thanks to the formidable Juliane Lorenz [don't mention Ingrid Caven].

Oliver Masucci plays Fassbinder as an absolute grotesque...he really is too old for the part [being 52 at the time of filming, Fassbinder died, aged 37]...but, that doesn't matter, he looks alarmingly like him...that's what excessive drugs and alcohol can do to you! And...he does deliver a performance more volatile than rocket fuel.

Enfant Terrible is a difficult film to watch...not because of how stylised it is...but, because of the cruelty. Fassbinder drove two of his lovers [of whom we know] to suicide. This man - all the time clad in his emperor's clothes - was celebrated, is still [bizarrely] celebrated...well, in light of all the cinematic scandals of recent...his celebration may be over as a result of this film. 

The emperor may - at last - be stripped of his new clothes. A most remarkable more ways than one!

Day 3 - 19 March 2021...

My-First-SummerMy First Summer
by Katie Found

Apart from a few swear words and a bit of sauciness...if Disney were to make a lesbian teen drama...then, this would be it! Replete with two bungling cops!

You will have to suspend your disbelief [totally] for the sake of enjoyment...or, you'll be tearing your hair out [in clumps] because of the sweeping implausibilities. Listing them would take's an overview...a 16 year old young woman has been raised in rural isolation by her mother [a renowned writer], she well educated, reads poetry...but, has no idea what her fingers are called [mainly the pinky], doesn't know the name for turquoise [as in colour] and the taste of strawberry is totally alien...even though she's been raised on a small homestead with a fabulous market garden! Into her isolated sanctuary walks a worldly wise 16 year old young woman [with terrible dress sense] and - in next to no time - they are at it like sapphic bunnies. Suspend that disbelief!!!

There's nothing like a good twist to revitalise a flailing film...unfortunately, My First Summer's twist was heralded - to anyone with a brain cell - at the very beginning. Enough, too cruel.

Look...for teen lesbian-leaning girls who like to make beady bracelets...this is their perfect film...and, it is beautifully shot. But...adults will find it far too naïve...and [may, as we did] wonder...are all 16 year old young women this immature...perhaps, only in the Australian outback!?!

by Patrick Sammon & Bennett Singer

Essential viewing.

This is our history. This is the defining moment of our history, not Stonewall...this! This is when we all stopped being a diagnosis, an illness...millions upon millions cured instantaneously...with a mere signature. The American Psychiatric Association was led by religion, not by science...those, alive and dead, ought to be stripped of their bogus credentials...shamed and criminally charged. Any 'doctor' who performed lobotomies, castrations, electro-shock therapies [and other 'treatments'],still alive have to be charged [and, those dead, posthumously so]...without reserve. Historical child abuse...yes, most definitely...imprison the culprits. Historical conversion therapy [and contemporary conversion therapies]...imprison the culprits. The suffering and torture that they administered [and are still administering] was [is] Mengele-ian. Dr [ha] Charl[atan]es W. Socarides...

He wrote that male homosexuality typically develops in the first two years of life, during the pre-Oedipal stage of a boy's personality formation. In his view, it is caused by a controlling mother who prevents her son from separating from her, and a weak or rejecting father who does not serve as a role model for his son or support his efforts to escape from the mother.

Guess what? His son is magnificently gay!

These are the people who paved the way. Here is activism at its most most potent...and, at its most bizarre - the first testimony from a gay a mask! It took years, it took patience, tenacity and intellect.

Praise them. They won.

Exceptional film-making. Exceptional people...where would we all be without them?

Beginnings and Endings...short films...just click on the pic...

Buck Cosmopolitan 2019 Escaping The Fragile Planet Listening In Pool Boy The Night Train

Day 4 - 20 March 2021...

by Anna Kerrigan

We originally saw this at the Glasgow Film Festival and had a chat with the director. Needless to say, in our humble opinion, it's such a good film that we decided to watch it again!

Take your favourite place and your favourite movie and let the writing process take place...that's what Anna Kerrigan did...and, Cowboys is the result. This might not be your atypical wild western...but, it is wild. The wildnesses of transition and mental health...and, a son and a father trying to keep it altogether [together] when the world around them is imploding, exploding and shattering...Kipling describes perfectly...

If you can keep your head when all about you   
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you...  
Anna Kerrigan visualises it beautifully. She turned and flipped the table with this tale...the obvious isn't so obvious, everything is just a little unexpected. The backdrop will take your breath away, the tension will have you holding that breath. Ms Kerrigan certainly knows how to play with her audience.'s the chemistry between the two leads that really steals the show...their affection for each other is concrete. They care...making you care.

There is always a danger when approaching the trans narrative...of course, each story will always have similarities and the biggest danger is that every film made will turn out to be a mere deviation of the same story. Filmmakers have to think outside of the box...otherwise, trans-themed films will be swept onto the ever-growing we've-seen-and-heard-it-all-before pile. There's no danger of that happening with Cowboys...this is fresh, this is heart-warming and heart-breaking, this has majesty in scenery and in sentiment.

It's just a bloody lovely film.

The-Obiturary-Of-Tunde-JohnsonThe Obituary of Tunde Johnson
by Ali LeRoi

Taking risks with your debut feature is [sometimes] a risk worth taking. Ali LeRois has taken a massive risk...with his variation on Groundhog Day! In that...the same story is told over and over again...with tweaks. The danger with this structure is that each new variation can feel like a re-write of the previous scene...and that is exactly the problem with this film. Repetition...each variant is [needlessly] announced, it's almost as if the director has [wildly] under-estimated the's screamingly obvious when a chapter ends and a new one begins! But, many 'coming out' scenes can you take in one film?!?

Tunde's character arc is utterly bamboozling...going from an affable Dr Jekyll to a scurrilous Mr Hyde without rhyme or reason - outing your lover to friends and family ain't gonna win you no fans! Steven Silver [as Tunde] does the best he can with the material...which is akin to being intermittently spoon-fed and preached at...all at the same time. 

This obituary needed less chapters and more depth...and, reasoning. Shame...because there really is a good story screaming to be told...coherently.

For the Record...short films...just click on the pic...

Above The Troubled Water All I Need Is A Ball Being Sascha Son Of Sodom Tracing Utopia 

Day 5 - 21 March 2021...

by Peeter Rebane

A most handsome film, it certainly is...alas, it's all style with a disappointing amount of substance. It's all just a bit too squeaky clean.

Homosexuality in the military is a subject that has cropped up sporadically throughout the years...most recently, with two rather splendid examples are the South Africa produced: Moffie and Canary. Threat, menace, risk, danger, dread, tension, thrill, joy and excitement - these are the ingredients necessary for a gripping military-based, cat-and-mouse, homo-sex drama.

Tension is a dramatic resource that Firebird failed to tap...the potential was all over the place - but, whenever these two young bucks were on the cusp of getting caught 'bucking'...they hid...behind a rock, behind a bush, in a bath-tub and that would be it...nothing that would get you onto the edge of your seat! For gawd's sake, if they were caught, they'd be shipped off to a secret Siberian gulag in next to no time for an indeterminable amount of time...where was their fear!?! Their hearts should have been in their mouths, chests beating like a frenzied King Kong.

Even the villain is not that villainous - everything seems to be resolved without too much of a fuss! Of course, it going to end in tragedy [how can it not] - instead of watching one character shed tears...wouldn't it have been preferential to have the whole audience bawling their eyes out?

It's a decent enough just needed more dirt and grit, danger and dread.

Colors-of-TobiColors of Tobi
by Alexa Bakony

Be warned: A massive amount of hair dye was used in the making of this film.

Tobi changes their mind more times than they change the colour of their hair. Tobi is fortunate, Tobi has absolutely amazing parents. That's enough about Tobi...because Tobi will have you pulling your hair out rather than dying it. How their mother still has a full head of hair is testament to her inexhaustible parenting skills.

Having a lesbian then trans then non-binary child is a challenge...on so many levels. Societal, intellectual and financial are just a few of the inherent issues that have to be considered and, if possible, dealt with. Societal...well, you ain't gonna change everyone's mind, especially not in a small traditional village in Hungary [a country not noted for its homo/trans friendliness]. Intellectual...even the most educated still have 'problems' with trans, gender and non-binary...with a limited education Tobi's mother tries her best to understand...but, never compromises her support. Financial...transition can be costly and the process is time consuming - not just the transition itself but the process to arrange all the components necessary to transition...this cash-strapped, out-of-work mother does everything she make ends meet!

If anything...this is not a film about Tobi, this is about their incredible mother - she deals with everything...all awhile keeping Tobi at the centre of her world - who firmly resides in the centre of their world! What a wonderful woman and mother, many could learn much from her.

Heart’s Desires...short films...just click on the pic...

The Act Baby Lies Truthfully Eden Isaac And The Ram Land Of The Free Of Hearts And Castles

Day 6 - 22 March 2021...

Boy-Meets-BoyBoy Meets Boy
by Daniel Sanchez Lopez

When Johannes met Harry...briefly, until sunset.

Well...nothing can bring this young man down. High as a kite with a lost wallet and a stolen bike...oblivious to the real world when there's a bit of totty up for grabs...Johannes is the typical gay young man.

Harry just wants to get his rocks off and to see a bit of Berlin...before he flies home later in the day. This is their foreplay...they wander around and talk, can these two talk?!? There's barely a pause between them, nothing of beautiful Berlin is shown...and, at one point during this erratic conversation, Harry should have seen a great big red warning flag, thrown in his chips, cut his losses and ran towards the Brandenburg Gate...but, no...totty is totty!

Ultimately, is this a brief encounter that will pervade Harry's memory for evermore? it just one of those hook-ups destined to become a mere notch on the bedpost? 

Have you ever been on holiday and you meet the one who could be the one...on the very last night? The 'what ifs' ringing in your ears throughout your return flight home...that's as bitter-sweet as it gets! And this is what this film could have been...a bitter-sweet brief encounter. Sadly, it's just a bedpost notch.

Rebel-DykesRebel Dykes
by Harri Shanahan & Siân A. Williams

Sweet, sweet, raunchy nostalgia...this is herstory!

London in the 80s...for those of a certain age [and who lived in London], this is an absolute trip-down-memory-lane, rib-tickling treat. Remember...this is before we all had mobiles with cameras, this is before the Internet...this is when we all went out, searching to find...exactly what we wanted to get into! And...when you found it, there was no going back...other than going back [regularly] to what you had found. Sounds exciting, doesn't it? Club nights used to spring up all over the place [and close just as quickly] some of the dodgiest areas, in some seriously dodgy venues...with blacked-out windows and a weird smell of disinfectant.

It is true to say...that women were under-served, in London in the 80s. There was The Black Cap in Camden [20p entrance fee to get through to the back and it always ended with a girl-on-girl fight], there was The Bell in Kings Cross [not the Kings X of now...then, it was notorious, for all the wrong reasons]...and then, there was The Market Tavern - fabulous filth! There were a few more 'posher' places...but, who wants posh when you can have filth!?!

Oh and there was always Greenham Common, 90 minutes away...that is, if you wanted to rough it with like-minded spirits!

Rebel Dykes is a blast...from the past. Where they got some of the footage from is testament to the directors dedication and research. The 'rebels' may have mellowed with the passing years...but, wow, they all still revel in those rebellious memories - once you got it, you never lose it! With this film, those memories have been [rightfully] preserved...this is herstory told by those who made it...happen. Brilliant...just bloody brilliant.

Into the Unknown...short films...just click on the pic...

The Cost Of Living From A To Q Girls Shouldnt Walk Alone At Night Love Is A Hand Grenade Wings HelloGoodbye 

Day 7 - 23 March 2021...

Rurangi Rūrangi
by Max Currie

Originally, a web series...and, not being a particularly great fan of that genre...and, accompanied by a fair amount of trepidation, we jumped on the bus to Rūrangi - so glad we did!

What a surprise...a refreshing deviation away from the commonplace trans narrative. Not a mention of binders, nothing about genitalia, surgery doesn't get a look in and the 'T' word isn't even mentioned...this is just an off-the-beaten-track, home-coming-out tale...with a wee bit of a difference.

Reconnection with your past, reconciliation with friends and family and the regrets that you have carried around for 10 years...are what Caz has got to face. Some are handled with comparative ease...some, a little more difficult...and, one which becomes the highlight of the film...really, due to Arlo Green delivering a fantastically measured performance as the awkward, endearing, befuddled, clumsy [utterly adorable] Jem - Caz's once-upon-a-school-time boyfriend...when things were just a wee bit different.

In truth, this story-line should have been the mainstay of the film...because, it does tend veer off-piste with some other unnecessary issues...thankfully, not for too long. Rūrangi is, indeed, a most welcome addition to the ever-growing canon of trans-themed its own way, it has broken the familiar trans mold - this is post-transition - and, it should be duly admired and celebrated for doing so. The same has to be said for cast and crew...they have made a credible film from a web series...well, they have certainly put this web series cynic [rightfully] in his place!

Well done.

by Jonathan Wysocki

Let us not beat about the bush with this one...without quibble, indefatigably, most assuredly, with hand pressed solidly against my heart...absolutely loved it.

A maelstrom of words and emotions...heralding the end of juvenility, the indoctrination and brainwashing [courtoisie des parents et de la religion]. The last security, [probably] to friendships too! Remember leaving school? This film will bring it all back...mine was a plainly-dressed anti-climax, this is anything but!

Ensemble, dialogue-driven...the potential to completely mess it all up was kept at bay...because of Jonathan Wysocki's nifty direction and nimble writing. The cast don't hold back...throwing themselves into melodrama, dancing with camp...upstaging whenever there's an opportunity. There's light, there's shade, there's forbidden love, unrequited love...the truths are outed and the 'outed' stay in - grudges, secrets and envies...that's what friendships are made of and that's how all friendships end. It's all here...all wrapped up in a murder mystery...neatly, tied up with lies, loves and loathing.

Dramarama will not only will make you reflect, reminisce...and, it will expand your vocabulary exponentially.

Queer as in Question Everything...short films...just click on the pic...

Acrimonious Bodies Of Desire Pure 2021 We Two

Day 8 - 24 March 2021...

Poppy-FieldPoppy Field
by Eugen Jebeleanu

It's one of those films you'll either 'get' - or, you won't. What it will most certainly do is to make many a person's blood boil...for quite a few reasons.

If you can feel empathy and sympathy for a gay, closeted [rather toxic] policeman who attacks a former lover to save face in front of his colleagues...then, you will get this film. Internalised homophobia is as complex as it is reprehensible. Poppy Field is less complex and more reprehensible...if Cristi [the gay-bashing homo] had been portrayed with a sliver of compassion, regret, shame...then, maybe, you could feel something other than fury and disgust towards him. But no...this man is toxic, obdurate thug.

Some may say he's 'wresting' with his sexuality...what a load of bollocks. The film opens with him quite happily wrestling with his boyfriend's bollocks [figuratively speaking], that boyfriend disappears entirely from the film soon after...why? It was a perfect way to frame the film...happy homo, bad homo...and, back to being the happy, hypocritical homo!

Not only does this film lack structure, the constantly moving hand-held camera distracts more than it informs. Then, slap, bang in the middle of the mayhem everything stops with a ludicrously long conversation about a lost dog - it makes no sense whatsoever. Padding for a threadbare script.

So...what is Eugen Jebeleanu & [writer] Ioana Moraru trying to say? Nothing subtle nor complex...Romanian police are homophobic, religious nutcases are homophobic...Romania is surprises there. Keep your head down and become a noxious chameleon...remember 'don't ask, don't tell' - this is exactly why that policy was so dangerous.

This film does a massive disservice to all those people who are fighting for equality in Romania. If Cristi cannot stand up and be the man that he is...then, what good is he? The same can be asked of this film...without even a glimmer of hope, what good is it?

I-Am-SamuelI am Samuel
by Peter Murimi

The most weirdly framed documentary seen in recent times! 

The film opens with graphic, gut-wrenching and horrific footage...of a public, ultra-violent, homophobic attack. Seemingly, these kind of attacks are a common occurrence in Nigeria. Peter Murimi certainly sets the tone of his film, from the off...this is not going to be pleasant. However, it ends with two, gay, grown men [joyfully] playing Hide & Seek...

What lies in between the harrowing start and the happy ending is...more bizarre than uninteresting. This is NOT about that poor man so brutally attacked and humiliated. This is not about that poor man's recovery. This is about Samuel...who was not brutally attacked...but, as he says himself, it could have been him! wasn't.

Samuel's story is nothing surprising, it's the same-old same-old...tradition and religion doing their very best to screw up people's lives. Only, they actually don't screw up his life...after a bumpy moment, when his parents 'see the light' and cast him out...a couple of weeks later, after a phone-call, they are reunited and all is hunk dory. He even takes his partner to meet them and they end up playing hide and seek. The end.

Mr Murimi missed the boat with this one. Why he chose Samuel's story to tell is a question only he can answer. There was a roomful of young gay men, living in Lagos, living in fear...their stories sounded far more interesting than the one told. It really was a case of: Choose your [main] subject more wisely!

Shapes We Make, Spaces We Take...short films...just click on the pic...

Is It Me Space Walk Subject Room This Is An Address Transitions II 

Day 9 - 25 March 2021...

Eytan Fox

Well, as expected, Mr Fox does not disappoint...with his dignified portrait of how our differences can bring us together. Here, different worlds, generations and outlooks...come together, briefly.

Being gay and Jewish are these two men's common denominators...besides those, they are chalk and cheese. But...what middle-aged gay man doesn't appreciate [the company of] a charismatic younger gay man...and, what younger gay man doesn't flirt and flounce with all that appreciation?

This could have been just one of those mid-life crisis catastrophes [it's not]...Michael is stuck in a comfortable rut...but, hey, that's not to say that he's not perfectly happy to be stuck in that rut. It happens to us will, young man, happen to you too! Occasionally, it feeds the soul to re-live, to glimpse what once was...Michael's young accomplice - Tomer - becomes his conduit. Michael's boundaries are set in stone...and, Tomer has no idea what boundaries are...aaah, that sweet smell of irresponsible youth!

Sublet demonstrates - perfectly - those things that divide us, unites us...and, conversely, the things that unite us, can and do divide us...let's not forget [although many do] youth is for the young. And, for many of us, a comfortable rut is exactly where we want to be...kept company by memories, regrets and all the experiences that made you who you are, got you to where you are.

Perfectly written, perfectly performed...those of a certain age will certainly resonate with this film...from their comfortable ruts! Lovely.

by Zaida Bergroth

Who would have 'thunk' it!?! Tove Jansson - the celebrated children's author - was a bit of a wild one! She liked the booze, she liked the ladies [and the men] and smoked like an industrial chimney.

Oooh sweet Bohemia, where marriage is just a mere convenience and - so it would seem - a hall pass to unbridled bed-hopping...where else would a struggling artist live? Bloomsbury perhaps!?!

Poor many struggles the artist has to face...whether it be finances, inspiration...or even their success...or, lack of it. Tove struggled in all these aspects, not quite content with her own success, never content with her art [or, more so, with its lacklustre reception]...and, although merely hinted at, discontented with [and compromised in] love. She was a true malcontent who ended up - in her eyes - with all the second bests!

Decadent in both production design and flavour...Tove is a rich tapestry of a life that had more intricacy than what appears...saying that is in no way a detriment to the film. Artists show what they want...through their this film does.

Tove gave the world the Moomins...her tragedy is...she wanted to give so much more. Tove is a completely satisfying and lush film...about an unsatisfied success story. 

Striving to Be Seen...short films...just click on the pic...

Dustin 2020 Kind Of The Lights Are On Trans Happiness Is Real Unliveable Victoria 2020

Day 10 - 26 March 2021...

AIDS-diva-the-legend-of-connie-normanAIDS Diva: The Legend of Connie Norman
by Dante Alencastre

No-one intimidated her, nothing could faze her...not even AIDS.

Connie Norman was an the truest sense of the word. As a transwoman, she was the David to the institutional Goliaths...pulled no punches, put herself on the line, got arrested, helped many, rattled many more...and, made a difference before succumbing [like so many others] to AIDS...she fought on until the end. What a woman.

Listening to one her last television appearances is gut-wrenching and - ironically - life affirming. There she sat, knowing full well that her time was rapidly coming to an end...she speaks with warmth, with kindness...and, thanks the savage disease that will kill her. The potency of her words are amplified even further with a simple and powerful message: Be yourself.

This is our history, why it has taken so long to tell it, to share it with the world? Well...better late than never. So, thank you Dante Alencastre...for giving Connie the respect and recognition she most deservedly deserves. Again...thank you. And...thank you Connie, for being yourself.

Kiss-Me-Before-It-Blows-UpKiss Me Before It Blows Up
by Shirel Peleg

A rom-com...which relies entirely on cultural differences for its comedy...oops. These [extreme] differences are perhaps a step too far for the given material...with anti-semitism, anti-gentilism and racism being the driving forces behind the supposed [and, at times, bizzare] slapstick surprises, there is very little in the way of laughs. Some lines will - indeed - leave you with a blank and befuddled facial expression.

Needless to say, it is jam-packed full of stereotypes...unconvincing performances and scenarios...and, the gay brother with the camera is just a bloody nuisance. Perhaps Shirel Peleg ought to have watched 1967's double Oscar-winning Guess Who's Coming to Dinner before she put pen to paper and - most definitely - before the cameras started to roll. 

A head-scratchingly, peculiar film.

Five Films For Freedom...short films...just click on the pic...

Bodies Of Desire Land Of The Free Pure 2021 Trans Happiness Is Real Victoria 2020

Day 11 - 27 March 2021...

No-Ordinary-ManNo Ordinary Man
by Aisling Chin-Yee & Chase Joynt

Who has ever heard of Billy Tipton?!?

You may have, if you're a fan of obscure jazz. And, it would seem, according to this film, if you are trans...he's a bit of icon. Although...when I asked some trans friends [in Europe]...none of them had ever heard of him either.

Well...they have now, courtesy of this film...Billy Tipton is now on the map...and, an inductee into the Trans World's Hall of Fame.

Upon his death, in 1989, his secret was 'outed' - now, what this film fails to ask: how did this incredible invasion of privacy actually happen? Who leaked [i.e. sold] this information to the tabloids? 

His adopted son and estranged wife [they parted in 1977] did round-upon-round of talk shows, newspaper and magazine interviews, radio shows...were they forced to do so? No.

Even...a posthumous [and, it would seem, partially unauthorised] book was written about him in 1998...the story still had legs then...and, in 2020, the story still has legs. Even though that book and this film are about Billy...both seem to have forgotten who he actually was...

The book was mere sensation and can be [dis]regarded as such. The film, on the other hand, is an exercise in subjectivity, creativity and revisionism [ouch]. Billy's experience was not the contemporary trans experience of today, although the filmmakers seem to think so...a major failing of the film. That was then, this is now...the 'then' is not the 'now' and never will be.

Due credit and applause must be given...trans stories being told by trans filmmakers...but, tell those stories as they are and not what you want them to be!

The truth of the matter...and, there are very few truths in this film [but, an abundance of trans-inferences]...Billy Tipton would have wanted to be remembered for his music and as a jazz musician...not as a trans-man...if, indeed, he was actually trans. Whatever...this was his secret and a secret he wanted to take to the grave...but, was those headlines, that book and this film.

PS-Burn-This-Letter-PleaseP.S. Burn This Letter Please
by Michael Seligman & Jennifer Tiexiera

This has absolutely everything...and, more.

What a journey! What a find...a treasure trove of letters...curated, constructed and presented with a sense of the times, with swathes of obvious affection and wave-upon-wave of hilarity and emotion.

This is a one-way a mystery man, a confidant and a dear, dear friend...named Reno. Who is he...and, who is Daphne [a most prolific letter writer]? Patience, dear hearts...rewards [in an ideal world]...and, all will be revealed!!!

Few films can boast the grand larceny of wigs...well, hence the title, this does...with a rather incriminating letter! Crime, whether it be petty or grand, is a recurring source of joy...but, stop, think about it, if you [yourself] are considered criminal by law enforcement...simply because of your sexuality, because you want to step out in a fabulous frock...well, it's a fair assumption that...if Mr Law Enforcement doesn't respect me...then, why the f&*k should you respect him!?!

The Mafia owned The Stonewall would seem, they owned every establishment that exploited and promenaded the queens of the time...but, hey, they did supply safe spaces and incomes...hooray for the Mafia!

This isn't a political film...this is high jinx and higher camp with razor-sharp edges gleaming all over the place...and then, WHACK, AIDS! Few survive, those who do - and, we salute you - tell their stories with threads of joy, anger, and tears...not to mention, a great big dollops of fantastic, fabulous, phenomenal camp.

As for the great reveal!?! It is as jaw-dropping as this film's been an absolute privilege. Thank you. X

by Marley Morrison

An angst-ridden teen reluctantly goes on holiday with her family! What could possibly go wrong? Or, right?

Recently, there was Make Up - a lesbian-coming-of-age horror, set in a holiday camp. Now this, a lesbian-coming-of-age rom-com story...set in a holiday camp. 

The similarities don't end there...these are the debut features by their filmmakers...and, both films really do paint a fairly gloomy lesbian picture. Where Make Up continues with the gloom...Sweetheart, thankfully, makes a permanent detour into and onto a more-sweet-than-bitter terrain. Having said that...Sweetheart's AJ is an absolute moaning horror...if anyone was in need of a happy's her!

AJ's sexuality is not an issue for her family...which - it would seem - pisses her off even more than how pissed off she already is...c'mon, she's 16 and never been...kissed. She's undeniably and absolutely sexually frustrated! Remember those mad masturbatory days?!? Some of us haven't waved them goodbye!

In walks the 'woman' of her dreams...the stage is all set...for what could have been a familiar, reminiscent comedy about embarrassing [teen] sex, bad [teen] manners and messy, premature orgasms [they happen to all of us]! Alas, no! This has more sand and less grit.

Marley Morrison has played it a little too safe [and sweet]...with predictability taking centre-stage rather than red-cheeked embarrassment...if the intention was to make a family-foible-friendly film...then, hat's off...success. make your mark in this industry, you have to ruffle a few feathers...rather than preen them...otherwise, you'll end up directing daytime soaps! trailer, no poster...for a film festival premiere. Fire the PR!!!

Day 12 - 28 March 2021...

The-DoseThe Dose
by Martin Kraut

As understated as it it should be...because, 'angels of death' want neither attention nor praise.

This is not a hospital ward you will ever want to be in...with two murdering nurses plying more than they were trained for...

Euthanasia is - in the eyes of the law - murder. Here...two nurses, inflicted with and deluded by their respective god complexes...take lives. One regards his actions as a final act of mercy...the other, well, he just does it because he can.

They soon discover what the other is up to...and, with the mounting number of deaths, the hospital launches an investigation...both being guilty and both not willing to be caught. This is more cobra-and-mongoose than cat-and-mouse...the stakes are incredibly high...who [of the two] can play the better mind-game!?! And...there are mind-games aplenty.

This is Martin Kraut's debut is as impressive as it is complex. This is not about taking sides...this is the lesser of two evils...and, it does make you fantastically uncomfortable when you realise you are actually rooting for a murderer! Manipulation is everything...and, with The Dose this director certainly knows how to manipulate his characters and his audience!

Not a pleasant film...but, it's effect is admirable.

Well-RoundedWell Rounded
by Shana Myara

Big gay ladies talk about being big and gay!

Unless you are a big gay lady yourself, you're really not going to get much out of this. Talking heads recount shared experiences and absolute horror stories...and, unsurprisingly, there are a few [slimmer] pseudo-intellectuals who discuss contemporary society's perception of being rather is as interesting as it sounds!

Body-shaming is a bad. Body positivity is good. Being happy in your own skin can be nothing but good for your mental, well done ladies for being so positive and happy.

But...and, this is where the film falls apart, next to nothing is mentioned about the health benefits of losing weight, practically nothing is mentioned about the life-shortening risks associated with obesity. When body positivity ignores medical truths...well, that's just irresponsible. And, what you see on screen really does veer precariously close towards the, be happy, be're on camera!

A film with substance but no depth. 

by Cássio Pereira dos Santos

The statistics make for harsh reading...around 80% of transgender youth drop out of school in Brazil, the average life expectancy of trans-women is 35 years old.

Valentina's mother will doing anything and everything for her daughter not to become one of those statistics. This is all about sacrifice rather than compromise which is a most welcome approach when addressing the current trans narrative.

Our only quibble with the film is...the opening scene. It really does give a false [first] impression of the film as a whole. It's that old familiar...trans-girl kisses a boy who later finds out she's trans and he goes - unsurprisingly - berserk! Many will be appalled at his reaction and - no doubt - some will find him justified.

This is the centrifugal point [and force] of the trans narrative...which Valentina - unnecessarily - straddles before moving on...into pastures new. A new start, a new identity, new friends and all the same problems and attitudes.

The message delivered is unequivocally clear and can't run and hide for eternity. There's always a time [sometimes not of your choosing] when we all have to stand up, stand still and tall...and tell the world exactly how it is, who you are...they may accept reject, deny and matter...just be your happier self.

Valentina does this admirably.

That's it...every film watched and reviewed...

Massive great big thank you to all @BFIFlare - for a great festival x


British Academy Film Awards 2021: The Nominations...& Winners...

BaftaThe EE BAFTAs take place the weekend of 10 and 11 April 2021, and will be broadcast on the BBC.



THE FATHER Philippe Carcassonne, Jean-Louis Livi, David Parfitt


NOMADLAND Mollye Asher, Dan Janvey, Frances McDormand, Peter Spears, Chloé Zhao

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Ben Browning, Emerald Fennell, Ashley Fox, Josey McNamara

THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 Stuart Besser, Marc Platt



CALM WITH HORSES Nick Rowland, Daniel Emmerson, Joe Murtagh

THE DIG Simon Stone, Gabrielle Tana, Moira Buffini

THE FATHER Florian Zeller, Philippe Carcassone, Jean-Louis Livi, David Parfitt, Christopher Hampton

HIS HOUSE Remi Weekes, Martin Gentles, Edward Kings, Roy Lee

LIMBO Ben Sharrock, Irune Gurtubai, Angus Lamont

THE MAURITANIAN Kevin Macdonald, Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani, M.B. Traven

MOGUL MOWGLI Bassam Tariq, Riz Ahmed, Thomas Benski, Bennett McGhee

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Emerald Fennell, Ben Browning, Ashley Fox, Josey McNamara

ROCKS Sarah Gavron, Ameenah Ayub Allen, Faye Ward, Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson

SAINT MAUD Rose Glass, Andrea Cornwell, Oliver Kassman



HIS HOUSE Remi Weekes (Writer/Director)

LIMBO Ben Sharrock (Writer/Director), Irune Gurtubai (Producer) [also produced by Angus Lamont]

MOFFIE Jack Sidey (Writer/Producer) [also written by Oliver Hermanus and produced by Eric Abraham]

ROCKS Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson (Writers)

SAINT MAUD Rose Glass (Writer/Director), Oliver Kassman (Producer) [also produced by Andrea Cornwell]



ANOTHER ROUND Thomas Vinterberg, Sisse Graum Jørgensen

DEAR COMRADES! Andrei Konchalovsky, Alisher Usmanov


MINARI Lee Isaac Chung, Christina Oh

QUO VADIS, AIDA? Jasmila Žbanić, Damir Ibrahimovich



COLLECTIVE Alexander Nanau

DAVID ATTENBOROUGH: A LIFE ON OUR PLANET Alastair Fothergill, Jonnie Hughes, Keith Scholey

THE DISSIDENT Bryan Fogel, Thor Halvorssen

MY OCTOPUS TEACHER Pippa Ehrlich, James Reed, Craig Foster

THE SOCIAL DILEMMA Jeff Orlowski, Larissa Rhodes



ONWARD Dan Scanlon, Kori Rae

SOUL Pete Docter, Dana Murray

WOLFWALKERS Tomm Moore, Ross Stewart, Paul Young



ANOTHER ROUND Thomas Vinterberg

BABYTEETH Shannon Murphy

MINARI Lee Isaac Chung


QUO VADIS, AIDA? Jasmila Žbanić

ROCKS Sarah Gavron



ANOTHER ROUND Tobias Lindholm, Thomas Vinterberg

MANK Jack Fincher


ROCKS Theresa Ikoko, Claire Wilson




THE DIG Moira Buffini

THE FATHER Christopher Hampton, Florian Zeller

THE MAURITANIAN Rory Haines, Sohrab Noshirvani, M.B. Traven






RADHA BLANK The Forty-Year-Old Version

VANESSA KIRBY Pieces of a Woman






RIZ AHMED Sound of Metal

CHADWICK BOSEMAN Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom




TAHAR RAHIM The Mauritanian



NIAMH ALGAR Calm With Horses


MARIA BAKALOVA Borat Subsequent Moviefilm

DOMINIQUE FISHBACK Judas and the Black Messiah





DANIEL KALUUYA Judas and the Black Messiah

BARRY KEOGHAN Calm With Horses


LESLIE ODOM JR. One Night in Miami…


PAUL RACI Sound of Metal



MANK Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross

MINARI Emile Mosseri

NEWS OF THE WORLD James Newton Howard


SOUL Jon Batiste, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross





MINARI Julia Kim

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Lindsay Graham Ahanonu, Mary Vernieu

ROCKS Lucy Pardee




MANK Erik Messerschmidt


NEWS OF THE WORLD Dariusz Wolski

NOMADLAND Joshua James Richards



THE FATHER Yorgos Lamprinos



SOUND OF METAL Mikkel E.G. Nielsen




THE DIG Maria Djurkovic, Tatiana Macdonald

THE FATHER Peter Francis, Cathy Featherstone

MANK Donald Graham Burt, Jan Pascale

NEWS OF THE WORLD David Crank, Elizabeth Keenan

REBECCA Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer



AMMONITE Michael O'Connor

THE DIG Alice Babidge

EMMA. Alexandra Byrne


MANK Trish Summerville



THE DIG Jenny Shircore

HILLBILLY ELEGY Patricia Dehaney, Eryn Krueger Mekash, Matthew Mungle

MA RAINEY’S BLACK BOTTOM Matiki Anoff, Larry M. Cherry, Sergio Lopez-Rivera, Mia Neal

MANK Kimberley Spiteri, Gigi Williams

PINOCCHIO Mark Coulier




NEWS OF THE WORLD Michael Fentum, William Miller, Mike Prestwood Smith, John Pritchett, Oliver Tarney

NOMADLAND Sergio Diaz, Zach Seivers, M. Wolf Snyder

SOUL Coya Elliott, Ren Klyce, David Parker

SOUND OF METAL Jaime Baksht, Nicolas Becker, Phillip Bladh, Carlos Cortés, Michelle Couttolenc



GREYHOUND Pete Bebb, Nathan McGuinness, Sebastian von Overheidt

THE MIDNIGHT SKY Matt Kasmir, Chris Lawrence, David Watkins

MULAN Sean Faden, Steve Ingram, Anders Langlands, Seth Maury

THE ONE AND ONLY IVAN Santiago Colomo Martinez, Nick Davis, Greg Fisher

TENET Scott Fisher, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Lockley



THE FIRE NEXT TIME Renaldho Pelle, Yanling Wang, Kerry Jade Kolbe

THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT Mole Hill, Laura Duncalf

THE SONG OF A LOST BOY Daniel Quirke, Jamie MacDonald, Brid Arnstein



EYELASH Jesse Lewis Reece, Ike Newman

LIZARD Akinola Davies, Rachel Dargavel, Wale Davies

LUCKY BREAK John Addis, Rami Sarras Pantoja

MISS CURVY Ghada Eldemellawy

THE PRESENT Farah Nabulsi









#FiveFilmsForFreedom 2021...

...a global LGBTIQ+ short-film celebration

17 - 28 March 2021

The world's widest-reaching digital celebration of LGBTIQ+ themed film returns from 17 - 28 March 2021.

Five Films For Freedom is a global, online short film programme in support of LGBTIQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer) rights.

We invite audiences everywhere to watch the five films online in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ communities in places where freedom and equal rights are limited, and to spread the word using the hashtag #FiveFilmsForFreedom.

Self-expression, homophobia in rural communities, coming out as a teenager, and finding love later in life - this year's short films look at an intersection of LGBTIQ+ perspectives to explore love and acceptance.

More about Five Films

We invite audiences all over the world to come together to watch the films in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ communities in places where freedom and equal rights are limited. Share the films and join the conversation using the hashtag #FiveFilmsForFreedom in recognition of the fact that love is a human right.

Since the project began, 15 million people have viewed the films in over 200 countries and principalities, including parts of the world where homosexuality is punishable by the death penalty.

Working in partnership with BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival 

More about the 2021 programme

Pure (USA)

Directed by Natalie Jasmine Harris

On the eve of her cotillian ball, a young Black girl grapples with her queer identity and questions her purity.

Victoria (Spain)

Directed by Daniel Toledo

A bittersweet reunion between a trans woman and her ex sparks tension and a long buried resentment.

Trans Happiness is Real (UK)

Directed by Quinton Baker

A transgender activist takes to the streets of Oxford to fight anti-trans sentiment through graffiti.

Bodies of Desire (India)

Directed by Varsha Panikar and Saad Nawab 

Using Varsha Panikar's poetry series of the same name, Bodies of Desire is a visual poetry film capturing four sets of lovers amid passion.

Land of the Free (Sweden) 

Directed by Dawid Ullgren

David and his friends celebrate his 25th birthday with a swim at the beach. The good mood quickly changes after two straight couples walk by and laugh. But was the laughter directed at them? And who owns the truth of what exactly happened? 


2021 Golden Globes Nominees...& Winners...

Golden Globes Awards LogoThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has announced the nominees for the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards. Sarah Jessica Parker, six-time Golden Globe winner, and Taraji P. Henson, Golden Globe winner, disclosed the nominees.

For the first time in the history of the Golden Globes, the nominations were announced virtually, following the current safety measures during the Covid pandemic.

The 78th Golden Globes will take place on February 28,  coast to coast from 5 pm to 8 pm PT/8-11 ET on NBC. The event will be hosted by Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, returning for the fourth time, after hosting in 2013, 2014, and 2015. Fey and Poehler will share duties from their respective cities, with Fey on the East Coast and Poehler on the West Coast. Fey will be live from New York’s Rainbow Room, Poehler will be live from the Beverly Hilton, in Beverly Hills, and nominees, from various locations around the world.

In addition to the categories announced today, the 2021 Golden Globes will honor Jane Fonda with the Cecil B. deMille Award, and Norman Lear with the Carol Burnett Award. Lear will be the third recipient of the recently created Carol Burnett Award, which honors contributions to television.

As previously announced, Satchel and Jackson Lee, children of filmmaker and three-time Golden Globe nominee Spike Lee and producer and philanthropist Tonya Lewis Lee, will serve as the 2021 Golden Globe Ambassadors.

Produced by dick clark productions in association with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the Golden Globe Awards are viewed in more than 210 territories worldwide.

The full list of nominees of the 78th Golden Globes (check all our nominees for 2021):


THE FATHER (Trademark Films; Sony Pictures Classics)

MANK (Netflix; Netflix)

NOMADLAND  (Highwayman / Hear/Say / Cor Cordium; Searchlight Pictures)

PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN (LuckyChap Entertainment / FilmNation Entertainment; Focus Features)

THE TRIAL OF THE CHICAGO 7 (Marc Platt Productions / Dreamworks Pictures; Netflix)














BORAT SUBSEQUENT MOVIEFILM (Four By Two Films; Amazon Studios)

HAMILTON (Walt Disney Pictures / RadicalMedia / 5000 Broadway Productions / NEVIS Productions / Old 320 Sycamore Pictures; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

MUSIC (Pineapple Lasagne Productions / Landay Entertainment; Vertical Entertainment / IMAX)

PALM SPRINGS (Party Over Here / Limelight Productions; NEON / Hulu)

THE PROM (Netflix / Dramatic Forces / Storykey Entertainment; Netflix)














THE CROODS: A NEW AGE (DreamWorks Animation; Universal Pictures)

ONWARD (Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

OVER THE MOON (Netflix / Pearl Studio / Glen Keane Productions; Netflix)

SOUL (Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar Animation Studios; Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

WOLFWALKERS (Cartoon Saloon / Melusine; Apple / GKIDS)


ANOTHER ROUND (DENMARK) (Zentropa Entertainments; Samuel Goldwyn Films)

LA LLORONA (GUATEMALA / FRANCE) (La Casa de Producción / Les Films du Volcan; Shudder)

THE LIFE AHEAD (ITALY) (Palomar; Netflix)

MINARI (USA) (Plan B; A24)

TWO OF US (FRANCE / USA) (Paprika Films; Magnolia Pictures)
































Music by:    H.E.R., Dernst Emile II
Lyrics by:    H.E.R., Tiara Thomas

Music by:    Daniel Pemberton
Lyrics by:    Daniel Pemberton, Celeste Waite

Music by:    Diane Warren
Lyrics by:    Diane Warren, Laura Pausini, Niccolò Agliardi

Music by:    Leslie Odom Jr, Sam Ashworth
Lyrics by:    Leslie Odom Jr, Sam Ashworth

Music by:    Andra Day, Raphael Saadiq
Lyrics by:    Andra Day, Raphael Saadiq


THE CROWN - NETFLIX (Left Bank Pictures / Sony Pictures Television)

LOVECRAFT COUNTRY - HBO (HBO / Afemme / Monkeypaw / Bad Robot / Warner Bros. Television)


OZARK - NETFLIX (MRC Television)

RATCHED - NETFLIX (Fox21 Television Studios)   














EMILY IN PARIS - NETFLIX (Darren Star Productions / Jax Media / MTV Studios)

THE FLIGHT ATTENDANT - HBO MAX (HBO Max / Berlanti Productions / Yes, Norman Productions / Warner Bros. Television)

THE GREAT - HULU (Hulu / Civic Center Media / MRC)

SCHITT'S CREEK - POP TV (Not A Real Company Productions / Canadian Broadcast Company / Pop TV)

TED LASSO - APPLE TV+ (Apple / Doozer Productions / Warner Bros. Television / Universal Television)   














NORMAL PEOPLE - HULU (Hulu / BBC / Element Pictures)


SMALL AXE - AMAZON STUDIOS (BBC Studios Americas, Inc / Amazon Studios)

THE UNDOING - HBO (HBO / Made Up Stories / Blossom Films/David E. Kelley Productions)

UNORTHODOX - NETFLIX (Studio Airlift / RealFilm)


























Mouthpiece | Official Trailer...

Releases March 12, 2021
Cassandra, who is portrayed by the two women, expresses the opposing voices that exist inside the modern woman's head, during a 48-hour period as she tries to organize the affairs for her mother's funeral.

Director: Patricia Rozema


Releases March 26, 2021
UK, Aug. 15, 1939: 17 days before WWII, an English teacher and his camera disappear on a coastal boarding school with 20 German teen girls. Miller gets the job 6 days later, secretly trying to find out what happened.

Director: Andy Goddard

Glasgow Film Festival 2021: Our coverage...

Glasgow FF 21

by David Anderson Cutler's that time of the year...Glasgow Film Festival time!

And, what a different year it is too! Sitting at home...with all the films at our fingertips! Oooh to be back at the Glasgow Film year!

Here are the films we're going to be always, this is a provisional doubt, some films will be added.

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Here are the films...

February 24...

Minari @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Minari
by Lee Isaac Chung

When a film is shrouded in this much praise and tipped for multi-Oscar take immediate notice. it all just hot-air-hype? Erm...have to say: Yes!

Basically, it's a family film that doesn't really say very much...although it had the potential to say a helluva lot. Lee Isaac Chung has made a competent, safe film...but, not a spectacular film.

This is the pursuit of the American Dream - if you want it, really want have to be absolutely ruthless...not simply acquiesce to a water diviner! There is a smidgen of controversy that - if taken further - would have given this film the gravitas it so desperately needed. A sickly, cute kid will get all those parental 'oohs' and 'aaws' and 'aahs' - cute may be able to sell a film [to a certain degree]...but, it certainly won't deliver that kick  in the proverbial backside that this story so needed to do. The laughing-at-the-natives with the natives 'laughing' back...there's the conflict, that's the statement...this is the kick! The conflicts here are between a forward-looking [rural] husband and a resistant-to-change [urban] wife, between man and nature...for sure, these are mighty juicy conflicts but they don't go anywhere nor say anything. But, hey, there's a mighty cute kid running around...who needs conflict!?!

For a certain demographic, this is a crowd-pleasing joy. For those who want something more challenging, something with a bit more succulent meat on its ambitious bones...well, you will have to look elsewhere. Try: Parasite!

Creation Stories @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Creation Stories
by Nick Moran

In his time, Alan McGee ruffled quite a few feathers, made a shed-load of money, became completely drug-addled...and, brought generation-defining music to the ears of that generation [and beyond]. It was only a matter of time until his story made it onto the silver it is, along with a post-bag of producers [what do too many producers do?!?] and a crock of curious cameos. Creation Stories is a giddy, kaleidoscopic version of the events.

With Danny Boyle as exec prod, Irving Welsh as co-writer and Ewan Bremner as Mr Creation would be hard-pressed not to compare this with a certain generation-defining film of yesteryear [any guesses?]...and, with Nick Moran's reminiscent direction...this has all the perceived hallmarks of being the Trainspotting for this generation.'s not! How can this brash and brazen approach appeal to the super-sensitive snowflakes? can't! And all those naysayers who have already condemned this film...are just too young to appreciate it!

To fully appreciate this story, you have to have been part of that excessive time. This is all about the end of eras and encroaching middle-age told with a retrospective flourish, self-mockery and a take-no-prisoners ethos...together, with the obvious nods to the obvious. Having Richard Jobson [The Skids frontman] playing the conservative, music-hating father is hysterical...c'mon The Skids were as punk as butter. Tony Blair as the Chesire Cat. Peter Mandelson as the reigning queen. Jimmy Saville...chilling. And...a haunted Malcolm McLaren.

The one thing that age does bring is atonement. With age, all the once-suffered disillusions and delusions are brought into a context...they become memories. Some will please, many will anger and most will be regretted. This is what Creation Stories does for those who were there [and survived], it's a reminder of those excesses, those mad, bad wonderful times.

February 25...

In-the-Shadows @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021In the Shadows
by Erdem Tepegoz

Everything you learned in film school...throw it away. Well...what can film school teach you anyway? A few technical bits and tricks, cinematic conventions and rules that dare not be broken...that's about it! What they can't teach is artistry, vision and composition [although they may pretend that they do teach these]...don't be fooled, they don't, they can't. Remember...those who can't...teach.

Erdem Tepegoz can. In the Shadows is a start-to-finish visual feast. Practically, every frame has been composed with artistic bleakness - from the colour palette to the soundscape. This is a dystopia without any wild special effects. This is sure-footed misery on an industrial scale.

A seriously powerful political statement is being made...with the bare minimum of words. As they say: A picture is worth a thousand words. Here, those pictures tell the story without giving too much fact, without giving anything away. No explanations are given nor are they doesn't matter who owns the means of production. This is about survival...this is where water is free. He/she who controls the tap...well, that's a metaphor that can be applied to many a contemporary regime! If this is the future, it's grim. If this is a warning...take notice!

It's bleak, quietly belligerent...and, it is - without a shadow of doubt - a beautiful, unsettling work of [political] art.

The-Mauritanian @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021

The Mauritanian
by Kevin Macdonald

Ask any idealistic law student why they want to practice law, 99% will answer the same help, to make a difference. 1% will say...for the money. The strange reality is...99% of lawyers end up doing it for the money and 1% actually manage to help, to make a difference. Nancy Hollander is one of those 1%ers. Stuart Couch is a lawyer with a conscience - a rare commodity indeed - and, a commodity that has no place in a courtroom - especially when you are the prosecution!

Kevin Macdonald's film is a no nonsense account of a grave [and continuing] injustice. The legal 'excesses' have been pared down to make it more accessible...with the conflict between the legal camps being surprisingly perfunctory. The same cannot be said for the torture sequences, no punches were pulled, Tahar Rahim delivers a remarkable performance. It will shock. It is meant to shock. will - unquestionably - divide opinion.

In defence of your country, in the pursuit of justice...where do you draw the line? When do you cross that line? Should the word of law prevail always? Innocent until proven guilty or guilty until proven innocent...those held in Guantanamo are given no presumption of innocence, they are treated as guilty...without charge. The law has always been both ass and all just depends on how well or badly it serves you!

2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks - this film will be branded - without doubt - by many, as anti-patriotic propaganda. But, stop...those that think that...think...if you were held in solitary confinement for 14 years without charge and subjected to torture...what would you do?

Mohamedou Ould Slahi has forgiven his captors.

When a film makes you think and question...that's a film!

February 26...

My Wonderful WandaMy Wonderful Wanda
by Bettina Oberli

Greed and exploitation...that's what this game is all about. Throw in great big dollops of immorality and the stage is set...for a contrived family meltdown.

Those who are exploited can also exploit, Wanda exploits her situation without a blink of guilt in her eye. To begin with, she's admirable...and then, depending on your point of view, she's not. She's a Polish single mother and a carer...who 'cares' a little too much for her bedridden, elderly, wealthy employer [in Switzerland]...sterile intimacy may be beyond her remit...but, she is rewarded...with ample money and an unexpected [?] bartering baby. A cash calf, so to speak...Bettina Oberli stretches that metaphor a little too far by introducing an actual cash cow into the film! An unnecessary contrivance.

The whole thing really does become a bit of a well-acted mess as secrets and lies, deceits and desires are all unfurled. But when the old man makes a remarkable recovery and the cow makes its appearance, plausibility makes its final exit. Is Wanda wonderful? Well, she certainly knows how to milk a situation. As a statement on economic migration, it does leave a rather bitter aftertaste...but, it does try to redeem itself with a little's just a case of...too little, too late.

SteelersSteelers: the World's First Gay Rugby Club
by Eammon Ashton-Atkinson

Tighten your bootlaces…for this is…an emotional [and, I really mean emotional] ride. Most worthy of the price [and, I didn’t even have to pay…but, I would have] for the ticket. Seriously, I’m a little [okay, completely] undone…emotionally speaking [aaargh too many emotions!].

F&*K, it’s rugby…I know absolutely nothing about rugby. Now…and, if I was 20 (okay, let me be truthful [for once] maybe 30) years younger…I would, after watching this and chatting with the director, be slap-bang in the middle of any old scrum, wherever it was…in a muddy field…having the time of my bloody life…with like-minded pals…and, being…just me.

Because…that’s what Steelers have done, are still doing and will continue to do…it’s not only all about sport, Steelers have created a safe [albeit a bit rough] space…in other words, a community. Isn’t that such a beautiful word: Community.

Eammon [the director] was in Washington D.C., I was in Glasgow…his film and Zoom [via this consistently fabulous festival] brought us together for an oh-too-brief time.

I immediately gushed, congratulating him on his film...admitting that tears had streamed down my face. He said that's how he gauges the success of his how many tears are shed. Well, babycakes, success is deservedly yours...there won't be a dry eye in the virtual cinema.

We chatted and I deferred [a bit]…I still can’t talk about the bullying…he can. I still can’t talk about my mental health as it was then. He does. Not only can he talk about those crippling issues, he faced them head-on. The result…this cathartic film…and, if it wasn’t for sustaining a concussion, he would have never had made it! Thank gawd for concussion [that’s a bit weird, isn’t it?!?].

Catharsis is wholly personal...and, for a film, treacherous territory…simply because, [being so personal] catharsis can act as a barricade against an audience. No fear here, that barricade is thankfully avoided. Along with Eammon...Nic, Simon and Andrew share their stories. The key word is 'share' - they all have a commonality, not just rugby...but, shared experiences. Hurtful and harmful experiences that most of us have had to endure at some point in our lives. The message delivered is resoundingly's good to talk. As they say, a problem shared...

This all might sound a bit on the heavy's not. There is so much joy and beauty to be had within these 80 minutes...some of the music will have you welling up, some of the photography will make you gasp, there's even some drag...and, as for the legs, well...let's not dwell upon those too much! All hot around the collar!

Eammon did it all, filming, editing, producing...what he didn't know, he learnt from YouTube videos! The result of this labour of love...a deeply personal, positive and polished film…given to all of us…to be shared. Thank you.

Riders Of JusticeRiders of Justice
by Anders Thomas Jensen

They don't come much better than this. It's violent, really violent. And, dark...with some serious outlandish comedy.

Mads Mikkelsen is riding on the crest of a wave, following on from the outrageously good Another Round, Mads sports a hectic beard and shoots to kill...aided and abetted by his three 'overly intelligent' sidekicks.

Now...if this had been played for laughs, it would have stumbled and fallen flat on its face pretty early on. Because...this is no laughing matter. This is the 5 stages of grief...interpreted like you have never seen before. This is all chaotic theory, vicarious psychology, staggering statistics, margins of error...and, blood.

Issues bounce all over the place...from social awkwardness to the autistic spectrum, from child abuse to male prostitution. On scene, mid-way, encapsulates the absolute terror and extent of abuse that has taken place. This is cinematic punctuation that punches a knockout...butt-naked, on all a field. Jaw-drop and tears.

This really is a dozen fairground attractions all rolled into's exhilarating, thrilling and terrifying. A stunning film.

Bridging the Gap - Turbulence

Against The Tide Racing Stock Everyman Harmonic Spectrum

A mighty fine collection of short films - about how we cope. As a collection, it reminded me of Kipling's "If-" - we are all such marvellous creatures!

February 27...

Poppy-Field @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Poppy Field
by Eugen Jebeleanu

It's one of those films you'll either 'get' - or, you won't. What it will most certainly do is to make many a person's blood boil...for quite a few reasons.

If you can feel empathy and sympathy for a gay, closeted [rather toxic] policeman who attacks a former lover to save face in front of his colleagues...then, you will get this film. Internalised homophobia is as complex as it is reprehensible. Poppy Field is less complex and more reprehensible...if Cristi [the gay-bashing homo] had been portrayed with a sliver of compassion, regret, shame...then, maybe, you could feel something other than fury and disgust towards him. But no...this man is toxic, obdurate thug.

Some may say he's 'wresting' with his sexuality...what a load of bollocks. The film opens with him quite happily wrestling with his boyfriend's bollocks [figuratively speaking], that boyfriend disappears entirely from the film soon after...why? It was a perfect way to frame the film...happy homo, bad homo...and, back to being the happy, hypocritical homo!

Not only does this film lack structure, the constantly moving hand-held camera distracts more than it informs. Then, slap, bang in the middle of the mayhem everything stops with a ludicrously long conversation about a lost dog - it makes no sense whatsoever. Padding for a threadbare script.

So...what is Eugen Jebeleanu & [writer] Ioana Moraru trying to say? Nothing subtle nor complex...Romanian police are homophobic, religious nutcases are homophobic...Romania is surprises there. Keep your head down and become a noxious chameleon...remember 'don't ask, don't tell' - this is exactly why that policy was so dangerous.

This film does a massive disservice to all those people who are fighting for equality in Romania. If Cristi cannot stand up and be the man that he is...then, what good is he? The same can be asked of this film...without even a glimmer of hope, what good is it?

Underplayed @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Underplayed
by Stacey Lee

Well...this was a bit of a surprise! Not what was expected at all. There is a bit of a non-issue flying around that screams of positive discrimination [what an oxymoron that is]...ignore it and you will treated to some great stories and even better music!

Oooh but those gender politics keep on niggling away. Look...if you really want to find out how difficult it is to become a successful DJ...ask those who are [hopefully] up-and-coming and those who have totally failed. Asking the most successful DJs [who command astronomical fees] is really rather redundant. They've made it, regardless of their gender! Stacey Lee's insistence really does become a bit of a moot point.

But...the question [still] remains: Is it really more difficult to be a successful female DJ than it is being a male DJ? Surely, the music speaks for matter what gender is playing it?

Gotta say, remembering the pioneers of [female] electronic music was good...but, hey, neither a nod nor mention of Laurie Anderson. What about Queen Maxine, Princess Julia, MC Kinky? All pioneers, in London, in my day...hey, anyone remember Trade circa 1990-5? When Queen Max played, we were there!

The film - unfortunately - flounders under the weights of incomplete research and an unsubstantiated bias...ignore those and you're in for a wee treat!

Jumbo @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Jumbo
by Zoé Wittock

Not really going to say too much about this...simply, because, ripping it to shreds would be [way] too easy. Apart from the lighting that is...which, for an Indie film, is spectacular.

Here's what it's about, in a nutshell. A young-ish, socially awkward woman falls in love with an amusement park ride...this ain't platonic, this is carnal. She humps a Twister!

Yes, yes, can all be construed as a metaphor...but, when a metaphor is this blatant, ludicrous and unimaginative [how can shagging a machine be unimaginative?!?] really does become a bit of a wreck...and, that's not a spoiler

Congratulations to Zoé Wittock for raising the €2,500,000 budget...and, for getting this [hopefully metaphorical] nonsense made. But, to be honest a worthless, soon-to-be-forgotten endeavor. Money squandered, time squandered...c'mon, shagging a Twister! There are better ways to waste your time.

Black-Bear @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Black Bear
by Lawrence Michael Levine

An odd film...bear with it and it will reward you! Yes...that pun was intended.

This first part is a little difficult to handle, hinging on verbosity and succumbing to melodrama...where can it possibly go to from where [this part] ends up!?! somewhere that surprises and titillates in ways you wouldn't expect! Part a hoot. A wee comedic gem that opens a window into [and onto] the world of independent film-making. Basically, everyone is either stoned, drunk, sycophantic, clueless, pretentious...or, sexually charged! To be more accurate...each and every character is a combination of most of them.

It may be a cheeky observation...but, it might be a truthful one - have you ever been on the set of a low-budget, independent film? It really is not that far from truth...[indie] writers and directors [always] believe they are making the next great masterpiece...only to discover that their final product falls foul of their expectations. The technical crew just get on and do their jobs ignoring the artistic bull...with varying degrees of competency.They live for the wrap party.

This is life mimicking art mimicking life...bemusing and bamboozling it may be...but, entertaining, it most certainly is.

Poly-Styrene @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliché
by Celeste Bell & Paul Sng

I bought The Day the World Turned Day-Glo [still got got it on orange vinyl!]. That was me, Poly sounded like Johnny on Helium...without the defiance that I so wanted [then].

Once in a while, I do pop on the Bollocks - just to remind myself...of that time, how awful the music was and how much [angsty] fun I had being a young punk...with a slice of toast hanging around my neck! I was mum told me: You look silly. 

But, as we all do...punks grew up [well, most of them did] and musical tastes change...the tense is correct...coz there ain't no punks anymore!

Punk was always a tragedy waiting to happen...Sid was [and will always be] the epitome...all the others drifted away, into middle-age, strayed towards conservatism, lost their ideologies, ended up in rehab...or, in some kind of cult. A few tried to reignite themselves...fueled, no doubt, for the need of money...seeing the [partial] Pistols reformed, watched by middle-aged mortgagors [pogoing] was the least punk thing I had ever witnessed. Punk was for the for the kids from punk, this is - quite possibly - the first account...

Poly, oh, Poly, oh Poly...who knew...what a troubled woman you were? What a wonderful ode to your your daughter, Celeste.

February 28...

by Layla Zhuqing Ji

The bullies and the bullied...always a hard watch...and, this is no exception.

This is dichotomy heaven...or, hell. Rich kid, poor kid, clever kid, stupid kid, straight kid, gay kid, good kid, bad kid...a bully and the bullied, a killer and the killed. It doesn't take long before you know who is who...this is an investigation as to why the killing happened.

Xianjun Fu delivers a startling performance...pity the same can't be said about two of his tormentors - goonish to the nth degree, an unfortunate and unnecessary blight to the film as a whole. That aside...the dichotomies continue with the [opposing] mothers and a subplot showing that girls are just a competent at bullying as boys. Gawd...these kids are cruel...and, incredibly stupid. They film themselves torturing their victims - what has happened to our society? Layla Zhuqing Ji doesn't hold back on either her opinion or her judgment.

Tradition gets it, family gets it, China gets it, Smart phones get it. A bleak, tragic and horrifying film, incredibly well-made ...apart from those two goons!

by Christos Nikou

L-O-V-E Apples, there’s delicacy and detail…in every frame. And, the soundtrack is a beauty in itself.

This is a debut feature from Mr Nikou...they really don't come much better than this. Layered, textured and oh so very clever. The writing defies the expectation.

There's a pandemic that renders its victims - in an instant - without memories or sense of self. A terrifying prospect indeed. Yet, there is no terror, no fear...and, for the victims, no frustration. People with identity cards are rescued by family and friends...but, and this is where the real sadness sets in, there are those who have no-one, who carry no i.d. - who become lost. These 'unclaimed' enter a program to create new identities - with calm dedication, they carry out their increasingly bizarre instructions to the letter...taking polaroids of every achievement. These antics are often hysterical, always bamboozling, simply sad.

When the penny drops...a sharp intake of breath is guaranteed. This is impeccable film-making imbued with an astounding emotion. A perfect film.

by Luke White

Brothers...always wanted a brother, a relationship I know absolutely nothing about. Some brothers are solid, some drift away...and some, through no fault of their own, are worlds apart.

This is an adventure...of sorts. An unusual adventure at that! Alex has Down's Syndrome, supported living really is not a prospect for him. He needs round-the-clock support and care...which his parents provide. Nick, his older brother, has taken that mantle of care upon himself...for a short while. Obviously, looking toward the future...when the brothers' parent won't be able to cope...the inevitable.

This is reality...and, as with all realities, hard decisions must be made. When making those decisions, life-changing decisions, you have to be utterly truthful. Nick finds his truth and it is a hard truth...but, a realistic one. To commit this to film...takes balls. So...for that we applaud you. We also applaud this film...learning disabilities occupy a broad spectrum, the able can suffer frustration when their transference is simply not picked up. Alex lives in his own world where he just wants to feel safe and return, he'll warm your heart.

A beautiful and brave film. Thank you for your truth.

March 1...

Truman & TennesseeTruman & Tennessee: An Intimate Conversation
by Lisa Immordino Vreeland

Oooh what incredible lives these men led. All jet-set and insecurity.

Their similarities are balanced by their differences [and, quite possibly, their indifferences]...but, bitchiness and jealousies - towards each other -reign supreme. And, there is just a hint, a smidgen...of unrequited, non-platonic love!

Both these writers - in their latter days - bit the hand that fed them...Hollywood gets it in the neck! Then, Truman Capote shot himself in the foot...with the partially published Answered Prayers...a 'tabloidy' tell-all that cost him dearly, friends and respect. Truman's demise - literally speaking - was self imposed. Whereas Tennesse just couldn't reach his previous high - The Night of the Iguana heralded the beginning - and, The Milk Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore [later filmed as the brilliantly atrocious Boom!] concluded his literary success.

Their demises led to their last commonality...Dr Feelgood, that drug dealing doctor to the many lives did he ruin? Well, that's an other film entirely. Truman & Tennessee died within 18 months of each other. Tennessee, February 25, 1983 (aged 71). Truman, August 25, 1984 (aged 59). Perhaps, Truman missed his old jousting pal [so much] and died of a broken heart? No, alas...they both died from substance and alcohol abuse.

Like all anecdotal and archival biographies...subjectivity is always an issue, what's been left out? Why include that? Forget all that, Lisa Immordino Vreeland chose to neither judge nor invent an obtuse narrative...instead, she allowed the literary giants to speak, in their own words, from beyond the grave. It's enchanting, entertaining and really rather sad.

A lovely, lovely film.

March 2...


Big vs Small
by Minna Dufton

Two extreme sports...two determined women. One incredible film.

Surfing and free-diving are vocations...not only do you need skill, you need balls...great big brave balls-made-of-steel! You may like the idea...but, would you surf a 20+ metre wave? Would you free-dive [i.e. holding your breath] under ice? There really has to be a certain amount of madness involved...but, these two women are completely their straddling of sanity and insanity!

In my other job, I'm a Scuba-diving instructor, I have seen both surfers and free-divers do incredible things. I've also seen them do some incredibly stupid things. Their management of risk and their justifications for taking those risks make for some interesting [and mind-blowing] conversations...this is the only thing that this film lacked. But, can't have everything!

There will always be drama and beauty with these two sports...rather going deep into the psyche, Minna Duffon's film basically states that no matter your stature, background, gender...if you have the balls [and the vocation], you can do what these women are doing. Call it a 'calling'...but, you have to be called! This film will serve as a calling card for a few...the others will just sit back a little awe-inspired!

March 3...

by Marley Morrison

An angst-ridden teen reluctantly goes on holiday with her family! What could possibly go wrong? Or, right?

Recently, there was Make Up - a lesbian-coming-of-age horror, set in a holiday camp. Now this, a lesbian-coming-of-age rom-com story...set in a holiday camp. 

The similarities don't end there...these are the debut features by their filmmakers...and, both films really do paint a fairly gloomy lesbian picture. Where Make Up continues with the gloom...Sweetheart, thankfully, makes a permanent detour into and onto a more-sweet-than-bitter terrain. Having said that...Sweetheart's AJ is an absolute moaning horror...if anyone was in need of a happy's her!

AJ's sexuality is not an issue for her family...which - it would seem - pisses her off even more than how pissed off she already is...c'mon, she's 16 and never been...kissed. She's undeniably and absolutely sexually frustrated! Remember those mad masturbatory days?!? Some of us haven't waved them goodbye!

In walks the 'woman' of her dreams...the stage is all set...for what could have been a familiar, reminiscent comedy about embarrassing [teen] sex, bad [teen] manners and messy, premature orgasms [they happen to all of us]! Alas, no! This has more sand and less grit.

Marley Morrison has played it a little too safe [and sweet]...with predictability taking centre-stage rather than red-cheeked embarrassment...if the intention was to make a family-foible-friendly film...then, hat's off...success. make your mark in this industry, you have to ruffle a few feathers...rather than preen them...otherwise, you'll end up directing daytime soaps! trailer, no poster...for a film festival premiere. Fire the PR!!! 

Limbo @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Limbo
by Ben Sharrock

Many years ago [1983 to be precise], a film came out of Scotland that made an indelible impression, Bill Forsyth's wondrous Local Hero.

Limbo - nearly 40 years later - makes more than an indelible impression, it will move you to the core. Ben Sharrock has taken his obvious inspiration and ran with it...without letting up for one second. 

The absurdities of cultural indoctrination and appropriation. The majesties of memories and mothers. The sadnesses of being lonely and lost. This is Limbo - a place where hopes and dreams are impotently and patiently awaited, where fear and terror are a mere stone's throw away.

There is a ton of humour...but, no amount can gloss over the clagging inhumanity and the clawing condescension. Home secretaries [past and present] have grief, suffering, blood and death on their collective hands. Whether they be refugees or migrants...they remain displaced, misplaced and out-of-place...strangers in a stranger land.

One man - the Freddie Mercury adoring Farhad - has fled his country because of his sexuality...he is a bona fide refugee...and, delivers a line that will cause your heart to shatter. He draws that fine line between comedy and tragedy...with perfect precision.

There are others who have ambition beyond their reality...and then, there's Omar.

Amir El-Masry...bemused, bamboozled, beguiled...and, blank. A stunning, understated performance...not a boy, not yet a man...still, his vulnerability brings out the protective...Farhad assumes that particular mantle. 

There's a  line: I used to cry myself to sleep before my tears ran dry.

Limbo will make you feel, question, think...and, cry...until you have no tears left. Sad tears, happy tears, embarrassed tears. Beauty should always make you cry. And...Limbo is an undeniable beauty.

Thank you. 

March 4...

Wildland @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Wildland
by Jeanette Nordahl a statement on Danish social services, it - basically - kicks them - square - in the ghoulies. What incompetent fools they are...placing a teenage girl with a known criminal family just after her mother dies! the family is estranged family...with relatives like these, who needs enemies!?!

This is not a pleasant film...not even by any stretch of the wildest imagination. It's not exactly predictable...but, you know it's going to end in someone's tears.

Why 'they' changed the title is bewildering, [the literal translation] Flesh & Blood really does encapsulate everything that this film is all about...these are demi-gangsters à la Snowtown as opposed to those in Animal Kingdom - similarities with both films are too obvious to ignore. When walking on familiar territories, it's best to do so with new boots...there were no new boots with this outing!

There's a whiff of lesbian subtext...mind you, it is just a whiff. Teenage, grieving girl meets feisty, assertive older girl...well, let's just's a one-way street...and, a bit of a dead-end. Is she questioning her sexuality? Well, we'll never know. In that respect, the film leaves you dangling...but, in a split second, you come crashing to the ground. The finality of it all is a brutal, short, sharp shock on the senses.

It certainly is a film that will leave you with a loose jaw. Not bad for a debut...but, a pair of new boots would have kicked it into a brand new territory. 

Gagarine @ Glasgow Film Festival 2021Gagarine
by Fanny Liatard & Jérémy Trouilh

Just go with it! This is magical...with a bit of social realistic grit.


March 5...

Rosas Wedding The Old Ways Surge Run Hide Fight Tina 2021

March 6...

Dreams On Fire Vicious Fun Cowboys Out Of This World

March 7...The last day...

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GMA32 Logo Blue 01The GLAAD Media Awards recognize and honor media for their fair, accurate and inclusive representations of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) community and the issues that affect their lives.

Below is the full list of nominees for the 32nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards. A tip sheet with a breakdown of nominations by media and trends among the nominees is available at



Outstanding Film - Wide Release

The Craft: Legacy (Sony Pictures)
Happiest Season (Hulu/TriStar Pictures)
Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (Netflix)
The Old Guard (Netflix)
The Prom (Netflix)

Outstanding Film - Limited Release

Ammonite (NEON)
And Then We Danced (Music Box Films)
The Boys in the Band (Netflix)
The Half of It (Netflix)
I Carry You With Me (Sony Pictures Classics)
Kajillionaire (Focus Features)
The Life Ahead (Netflix)
Lingua Franca (ARRAY/Netflix)
Monsoon (Strand Releasing)
The True Adventures of Wolfboy (Vertical Entertainment)

Outstanding Documentary

Circus of Books (Netflix)
Disclosure (Netflix)
Equal (HBO Max)
For They Know Not What They Do (First Run Features)
Howard (Disney+)
Mucho Mucho Amor (Netflix)
Scream, Queen: My Nightmare on Elm Street (Virgil FIlms/Shudder)
Visible: Out on Television (Apple TV+)
We Are The Radical Monarchs (PBS POV)
Welcome to Chechnya (HBO)

Outstanding Comedy Series

Big Mouth (Netflix)
Dead to Me (Netflix)
Everything's Gonna Be Okay (Freeform)
Harley Quinn (HBO Max)
Love, Victor (Hulu)
Saved by the Bell (Peacock)
Schitt's Creek (Pop)
Sex Education (Netflix)
Superstore (NBC)
Twenties (BET)

Outstanding Drama Series

9-1-1: Lone Star (FOX)
Killing Eve (BBC America)
P-Valley (Starz)
Ratched (Netflix)
Star Trek: Discovery (CBS All Access)
Supergirl (The CW)
The Umbrella Academy (Netflix)
Vida (Starz)
The Wilds (Amazon)
Wynonna Earp (Syfy)

Outstanding TV Movie

Alice Júnior (Netflix)
Bad Education (HBO)
The Christmas House (Hallmark Channel)
The Christmas Setup (Lifetime)
Dashing in December (Paramount Network)
La Leyenda Negra (HBO Latino/HBO Max)
The Thing About Harry (Freeform)
Uncle Frank (Amazon Studios)
Unpregnant (HBO Max)
Your Name Engraved Herein (Netflix)

Outstanding Limited or Anthology Series

Dispatches from Elsewhere (AMC)
The Haunting of Bly Manor (Netflix)
Hollywood (Netflix)
I May Destroy You (HBO)
Little Fires Everywhere (Hulu)

Outstanding Reality Program

Deaf U (Netflix)
Legendary (HBO Max)
Queer Eye (Netflix)
RuPaul's Drag Race (VH1)
We're Here (HBO)

Outstanding Children’s Programming

“Challenge of the Senior Junior Woodchucks!” DuckTales (Disney XD)
"Dogbot" Clifford The Big Red Dog (Scholastic Entertainment/Amazon/PBS)
"Nancy Plays Dress Up" Fancy Nancy (Disney Junior)
The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo (HBO Max)
Summer Camp Island (HBO Max)

Outstanding Kids & Family Programming

Craig of the Creek (Cartoon Network)
Diary of a Future President (Disney+)
First Day (Hulu)
Kipo and The Age of Wonderbeasts (DreamWorks Animation/Netflix)
The Loud House (Nickelodeon)
"Mary Anne Saves the Day" The Baby-Sitters Club (Netflix)
"Obsidian" Adventure Time: Distant Lands (HBO Max)
The Owl House (Disney Channel)
She-Ra & The Princesses of Power (DreamWorks Animation/Netflix)
Steven Universe (Cartoon Network)

Outstanding Music Artist

Adam Lambert, Velvet (More Is More/Empire)
Brandy Clark, Your Life Is a Record (Warner Records)
Halsey, Manic (Capitol)
Kehlani, It Was Good Until It Wasn't (Atlantic)
Lady Gaga, Chromatica (Streamline/Interscope)
Miley Cyrus, Plastic Hearts (RCA)
Pabllo Vittar, 111 (BMT/Sony Music Brasil)
Peppermint, A Girl Like Me: Letters to My Lovers (PEG Records)
Ricky Martin, Pausa (Sony Latin)
Sam Smith, Love Goes (Capitol)

Outstanding Breakthrough Music Artist

Arca, KiCk i (XL)
Chika, Industry Games (Warner Records)
FLETCHER, The (S)ex Tapes (Capitol)
Keiynan Lonsdale, Rainbow Boy (Keiynan Lonsdale)
Kidd Kenn, Child’s Play (Island Records)
Orville Peck, Show Pony (Columbia/Sub Pop)
Phoebe Bridgers, Punisher (Dead Oceans)
Rina Sawayama, Sawayama (Dirty Hit/Avex Trax)
Trixie Mattel, Barbara (PEG Records)
Victoria Monét, Jaguar (Tribe Records)

Outstanding Video Game

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla (Ubisoft)
Borderlands 3: Guns, Love, and Tentacles (2K Games)
Bugsnax (Young Horses)
Hades (Supergiant Games)
If Found… (Annapurna Interactive)
Ikenfell (Humble Games/Happy Ray Games)
Immortals Fenyx Rising (Ubisoft)
The Last of Us Part II (Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Tell Me Why (Xbox Game Studios)
World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (Blizzard Entertainment)

Outstanding Comic Book

EmpyreLords of Empyre: Emperor HulklingEmpyre: Aftermath Avengers, by Al Ewing, Dan Slott, Chip Zdarsky, Anthony Oliveira, Valerio Schiti, Manuel Garcia, Cam Smith, Marte Gracia, Triona Farrell, Joe Caramagna, Ariana Maher, Travis Lanham (Marvel Comics)
Far Sector, by N.K. Jemisin, Jamal Campbell, Deron Bennett (DC Comics)
Guardians of the Galaxy, by Al Ewing, Juann Cabal, Nina Vakueva, Chris Sprouse, Belén Ortega, Marcio Takara, Karl Story, Federico Blee, Guru-eFX, Cory Petit (Marvel Comics)
Juliet Takes a Breath, by Gabby Rivera, Celia Moscote, James Fenner, DC Hopkins (Boom! Studios)
Lois Lane, by Greg Rucka, Mike Perkins, Gabe Eltaeb, Andy Troy, Simon Bowland (DC Comics)
The Magic Fish, by Trung Le Nguyen (Random House Graphic)
Suicide Squad, by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo, Daniel Sampere, Juan Albarran, Adriano Lucas, Wes Abbott (DC Comics)
Wynd, by James Tynion IV, Michael Dialynas, Aditya Bidikar (Boom! Studios)
X-Factor, by Leah Williams, David Baldeon, Carlos Gomez, Israel Silva, Joe Caramagna (Marvel Comics)
You Brought Me the Ocean, by Alex Sanchez, Julie Maroh, Deron Bennett (DC Comics)

Outstanding Variety or Talk Show Episode

“Andy Cohen Calls for Change So He Can Donate His Plasma” Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen (Bravo)
“Black Trans Lives Matter” Full Frontal with Samantha Bee (TBS)
“Emily's Coming Out Story” Red Table Talk: The Estefans (Facebook Watch)
“Laverne Cox - Exploring Trans Representation with ‘Disclosure’” The Daily Show with Trevor Noah (Comedy Central)
“Lilly Responds to Comments About Her Sexuality” A Little Late With Lilly Singh (NBC)

Outstanding TV Journalism Segment

“Black Trans Activists on Being the 'Blueprint for the Struggle for Black Freedom'” MSNBC Live with Hallie Jackson (MSNBC)
“Dwyane Wade One-On-One: Basketball Legend Opens Up About Supporting Transgender Daughter” Good Morning America (ABC)
“Faith, Foster Care and LGBTQ Rights Collide in Supreme Court” ABC News Prime (ABC News Live)
“One-on-One with Transportation Secretary Nominee Pete Buttigieg” State of the Union (CNN)
“Trans and Non-Binary People Face Voting Barriers Ahead of 2020 Election” (CBSN)

Outstanding TV Journalism – Long-Form

“ABC News Joe Biden Town Hall” (ABC)
“The Deciders” (CBS)
“Pride and Protest: Being Black and Queer in America in 2020” (NBC News NOW)
“Pride on ABC News Live: The Landmark Decision” (ABC News Live)
“Prideland” (PBS)

Outstanding Print Article

“20 LGBTQ+ People Working to Save Lives on the Frontline” by Diane Anderson-Minshall, David Artavia, Tracy Gilchrist, Desiree Guerrero, Jeffrey Masters, Donald Padgett, and Daniel Reynolds (The Advocate)
“The AIDS Quilt Marches Home” by Jason Sheeler (People)
“As Homeless Shelters Brace for Funding Cuts, LGBTQ Youths Take Desperate Measures to Get By” by Samantha Schmidt (The Washington Post)
“Delaware’s Sarah McBride Makes History as the Nation’s First Openly Transgender State Senator” by Meg Ryan (Delaware Today)
“How a March for Black Trans Lives Became a Huge Event” by Anushka Patil (The New York Times)
“It’s Time for a New Tipping Point for Transgender Folks in Hollywood” by Tre'vell Anderson (Out)
“LGBTQ Americans Are Getting Coronavirus, Losing Jobs. Anti-Gay Bias is Making it Worse for Them.” by Petruce Jean-Charles (USA Today)
“Lutheran High School Athletic Trainer, Coach Says She Was Fired for Being Gay” by Arika Herron (The Indianapolis Star)
“States Won’t Collect LGBTQ Data on COVID-19 — and Advocates Aren’t Happy” by Chris Johnson (Washington Blade)
“Why Billy Porter is a National Treasure” by Tre'vell Anderson (Essence)

Outstanding Magazine Overall Coverage

The Advocate

Outstanding Online Journalism Article

“The Battle Over Title IX and Who Gets to be a Woman in Sports: Inside the Raging National Debate” by Katie Barnes (
“Gay Men Speak Out After Being Turned Away from Donating Blood During Coronavirus Pandemic: 'We are Turning Away Perfectly Healthy Donors'” by Tony Morrison and Joel Lyons (
“Here’s how Reggie Greer Takes on LGBTQ Outreach for Joe Biden in this ‘Very Personal’ Election” by John Gallagher (
“No Medicine, No Food: Coronavirus Restrictions Amplify Health Risks to LGBT+ People with HIV” by Nita Bhalla and Oscar Lopez (
“An Oral History of Fashion’s Response to the AIDS Epidemic” [series] by Phillip Picardi (
“Queer Spaces Project” [series] by Nico Lang, Samantha Allen, Marke B., Matt Baume, Steven Blum, Alexander Cheves, Devlyn Camp, Michael Cuby, James Factora, KC Hoard, Sophie Hurwitz, Michelle Kim, and Daniel Villareal (
“Trans Athletes’ Fight for Inclusion in World Rugby” [series] by Dawn Ennis, Alex Reimer, Karleigh Webb, and Cyd Zeigler (
“Trans Freedom Fighters” [series] by Sam Levin (
“Trans, Imprisoned — and Trapped” by Kate Sosin (
“‘You Don’t Belong Here’: In Poland’s ‘LGBT-Free Zones’ Existing is an Act of Defiance” by Ivana Kottasová, Rob Picheta, and Sarah Tilotta (

Outstanding Online Journalism – Video or Multimedia

“A Closer Look: Transgender in Kashmir” by Robert Leslie, Bhat Burhan, and Saqib Mugloo (Business Insider)
“I’m an Immigrant Fighting for Queer Rights and Racial Justice” by Abigail E. Disney, Catherine King, Maria Nunez, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, Patty Quillin, Julie Parker Benello, Susan Sherrerd, and Lynda Weinman (Refinery29)
“Stop Killing Us: Black Transgender Women's Lived Experiences” by Complex World (Complex News)
“They Will See You: LGBTQ+ Visibility in Advertising” by Brent Miller, Otto Bell, and Jordan Shavarebi (Great Big Story)
“Why LGBTQ Rights Hinge on the Definition of ‘Sex’” by Laura Bult, Ranjani Chakraborty, Melissa Hirsch, and Sidnee King (Vox)

Outstanding Blog

Gays With Kids
Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents
The Reckoning

Special Recognition

After Forever (Amazon)
Deadline’s New Hollywood Podcast
Happiest Season Soundtrack (Facet/Warner Records)
Noah’s Arc: The ‘Rona Chronicles (Patrik Ian-Polk Entertainment)
Out (Pixar/Disney+)
Razor Tongue (YouTube)
"The Son" Little America (Apple TV+)




Outstanding Spanish-Language Scripted Television Series

Ana (Amazon/Comedy Central/Pantaya)
Élite (Netflix)
#Luimelia (Atresplayer Premium)
Someone Has to Die (Netflix)
Veneno (HBO Max)

Outstanding Spanish-Language TV Journalism

“Decisión de la Corte Suprema Para Comunidad LGBTQ” Un Nuevo Día (Telemundo)
“La Hermana de Aleyda Ortiz Narra Cómo Salió del Clóset y Cómo se lo Comunicó a su Familia” Despierta América (Univision)
“Proyecto ser Humano: La Terapia del Engaño” Camilo (CNN en Español)
“Refugio para Pacientes de COVID-19 y Comunidad LGBTI en México” Un Nuevo Dí(Telemundo)
“Sanación Milagrosa” Despierta América (Univision)

Outstanding Spanish-Language Online Journalism Article

“El Brutal Asesinato de una Mujer Transgénero Conmociona a Puerto Rico y Renueva una Conversación Sobre la Transfobia” por Harmeet Kaur y Rafy Rivera (CNNEspañ
“Desapareció en México, Solo se Hallaron sus Restos: La Historia de la Doctora María Elizabeth Montaño y su Importancia para la Comunidad Trans” por Albinson Linares y Marina E. Franco (
"Entrevistas para el mes del Orgullo LGBT+” por Paula Velasco, Aurora Villaseñor, y Sofía Viramontes (
“Elliot Page y el Dilema Social del Género” por Marcos Billy Guzmán (ElNuevoDí
“La Historia de un Amor Moderno” por María Torres Clausell (Quié

Outstanding Spanish-Language Online Journalism - Video or Multimedia

“Abril Zamora: Sin Filtros” (Elle España)
“Ciudad de México Prohibe las ‘Terapias’ Contra la Homosexualidad” por Elías Camhaji, Jonás Cortés, y Rodrigo Floriano (El País)
“La Liga Deportiva de la Diversidad” por Lucía Anaya (VICE en Español)
“Mujeres LGBT+ en México: Ari Vera” (Homosensual)
“Soy Trans: El Camino a un Nuevo Despertar” por Sarah Moreno, Esther Piccolino, y José Sepúlveda (El Nuevo Herald)

Special Recognition (Spanish-Language)

Jesse & Joy, “Love (Es Nuestro Idioma)”


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