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Fox in the Night (A)

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 11 mins

  • Director: Keeran Anwar Blessie
  • Writer: Keeran Anwar Blessie
  • Producer: Benjamin Jacob Smith, Keeran Anwar Blessie

CGiii Comment

That f*&king phone!

To capture such tenderness, intimacy and attraction in such a short time-frame is a masterstroke.

A beautiful film...with two actors creating a chemistry that can only be wished for!

We want/demand more!

No trailer...

The(ir) Blurb...

Ready for his night out on the town, flamboyant Lewis is put in an uncomfortable situation when a friend asks him to pick up a little something from his dealer. On arrival, Lewis is confronted with the unexpected invitation when he meets the dealer, Daniel. With an Uber on the way and daily life creeping back in, Lewis leaves something behind and walks away with a different perception of the world around him.

FOX IN THE NIGHT is a meet/cute story about two Black men who exist on opposite ends of the gender expression spectrum, one in a hyper-masculine world and the other queer. Who, when they meet, are expected to combust in conflict but instead a different spark is lit.