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Floating Melon

Country: China, Language: Chinese, 19 mins

  • Director: Roberto F. Canuto; Xiaoxi Xu
  • Writer: Roberto F. Canuto; Xiaoxi Xu
  • Producer: Javi Gonzalez-Fierro; Jose Gonzalez-Fierro

CGiii Comment

Intense, disturbing...and, the directorial inferences are brilliant.

It leaves you...wanting more, much more!


The(ir) Blurb...

For the young Xiao Cheng (Vincent Chen Xi), what suppose to be a perfect night become a nightmare. His lover, Kwan Ming (Xu Xu) die after a lethal drug reaction. In the dark roads of Chengdu, Xiao Cheng, scared of the consequences, send a message asking for help to his friend Fiona (Wen Sirui). She comes with her girlfriend Lola (Celia Yu Yunmeng), that doesn't want to get involve with the problem. The first one finds a solution to hide the body, but when they return to the apartment, they found the unexpected. But, what really happen? The film 'Floating Melon' is a fiction film, but inspired by characters that are present in the Chinese contemporary society. It reflects, with a realistic perspective in stylistic and narrative terms, the story of a young guy that cannot react in a situation that is beyond his imaginations.

Cast & Characters

Vincent Xi Chen as Xiao Cheng;
Celia Yinmeng Yu as Lola Liu;
Sirui Wen as Fiona Wu;
Xu Xu as Kwan Ming;
Ariel Zimu Pei as Girl in the Street;
Wen Li as Guy in the Street;
Maggie Zhu Xue as Woman in the Bar;
Cat as Chili