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Right to Try

Country: United States, Language: English, 26 mins

  • Director: Zeberiah Newman
  • Producer: Andrew Carlberg, Brian Clisham, Stephanie Kluft, Octavia Spencer

CGiii Comment

Let's discuss the ethics of the giant Pharma companies...well, that was a brief discussion...they have none!

Money supersedes ethics in economics...without exception. Just like the every-lasting lightbulb, a cure for HIV will never happen - HIV treatment is big business, a cure would kill it! Terrifying isn't it? What about Cancer, an even bigger business!?!

There have been many inventions and cures where their patents were bought up and then, promptly, disappeared...the ever-lasting lightbulb for one!

Jeffrey Drew and many other ethical people are trying, in the face of economic adversity, to help change this broken system...for that, they can only be applauded and thanked.

A film that really needs to be much longer and more investigative...but, as an introduction to economic ethics, it does a fine and terrifying job.


The(ir) Blurb...

Jeffrey Drew is putting his life on the line to try and help find a cure for HIV. There are 38 million people living with HIV - and while treating HIV is huge business for big pharma, finding a cure is not. Medical trials are being done in secret, out of reach of pharmaceutical companies that may try to shut them down. Jeffrey is participating in such a trial. Only his closest friends know. He does not inform his doctors, yet lets filmmakers into his life as he reveals his reasons for participating, and the ramifications he has to contend with during the process.

Cast & Characters

Jeffrey Drew