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Second Team

Country: United States, Language: English, 12 mins

  • Director: Ria Pavia
  • Writer: Anni Weisband
  • Producer: Julia Armine, Robert E. Arnold, Mayon Denton, William Perry Jones, Terrisha Kearse, Eileen Rodriguez, Keri Shahidi, Anni Weisband

CGiii Comment

When the writing is this good...everything just falls into place.

Witty, clever and the asides are razor sharp.


The(ir) Blurb...

Two stand-in actors working on a hit TV series go off script, giving the performance of a lifetime, but somehow manage to miss the mark.

Cast & Characters

Sally Ann Brooks (as 1st AD)
Greer Grammer (as Actor #2)
Akil Jackson (as Director of Photography)
Catfish Jean (as 2nd AC)
Phill Lewis (as Director)
Chester Lockhart (as Script Supervisor)
Francia Raisa (as Molly)
Danielle Savre (as Jackie)
Alexander True Snyder (as Camera Op)
Gigi Zumbado (as Actor #1)