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Frozen Out

Country: United States, Language: Chinese, 5 mins

  • Director: Hao Zhou
  • Producer: Tyler Hill

CGiii Comment

A gentle, beautifully shot, heartbreak.


Frozen Out, Hao Zhou from Art With Impact on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

An immigrant retreats to find himself into white frozen prairies and forests, trying to find a meaningful story and escape the anxieties of dislocation. Delivered as a film-letter to the protagonist's little sister in rural China, the film considers his self-exile as a form of resistance whereas at home it would be impossible to express themselves.

Fixed shots and contrasting colors in this intense and elegant haiku, based on the dialectic between inside and outside, where the icy winter landscape mirrors the protagonist's interiority.

The sumptuous cinema of the young Hao Zhou is an immersion in the lives of marginalized people, migrants, queer people, tracing routes and connections from China to America.