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  • Lady Buds
  • Best Families (The)
  • Jungle Cruise
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  • Madalena
  • Everything Went Fine
  • Compartment Number 6
  • Blitzed!
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  • City of Queens
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  • Look Me Over: Liberace
  • Love Stage!
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  • Petite Maman
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  • Perfume de Gardenias
  • MELH: Armand i la historia d'un moviment
  • Prince of Dreams
  • Can You Bring It: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the Waters


Country: USA, Language: English, 98 mins

  • Director: Rebecca Hall
  • Writer: Rebecca Hall; Nella Larsen
  • Producer: Nina Yang Bongiovi; Rebecca Hall; Margot Hand; Forest Whitaker

CGiii Comment

Two African-American women who can "pass" as white choose to live on opposite sides of the color line in 1929 New York in an exploration of racial and gender identity, performance, obsession and repression. Based on the novella by Nella Larsen.


Cast & Characters

Alexander Skarsgård as John
Bill Camp as Hugh
Tessa Thompson as Irene Redfield
Ruth Negga as Clare Kendry
André Holland as Brian Redfield
Antoinette Crowe-Legacy as Felise
Doris McCarthy as Pedestrian
Kerry Flanagan as Woman #2
Derek Roberts as Guest
Tom White as Attendant
Sienna Jeffries as Looper
Donna Hayes as Flapper / Dancer
Frank Holley as Bianca Wentworth dance instructor
Ashley Ware Jenkins as Zulena