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Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 14 mins

  • Director: Afioco
  • Writer: Afioco, Clara Amechazurra

CGiii Comment

Surely this is the prologue to something much bigger.

Violent, intense and - at times - funny.

The music is perfect. The acting...phenomenal!

Watch…in Spanish...

VICTORIA by Afioco from AFIOCO on Vimeo.


The(ir) Blurb...

Victoria's most painful loss will be the thread of her revenge in an action short that brings violence between men and women to the table from a prism totally opposite to reality. Is the crime a revenge or a victory?

Cast & Characters

Irene Arcos
Adrián Barriopedro
Joan Bentallé
Esperanza Guardado
Fernando Valdivielso
Alberto Velasco
Carolina Yuste