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Hotter Up Close

Country: United States, Language: English, 16 mins

  • Director: Leland Montgomery
  • Writer: Christopher Matias Aguila
  • Producer: Jilmil Das, Nidhi S. Kulkarni, Carolyn Manetti, Seejon Thomas

CGiii Comment

A faultless, funny, endearing rare is that!?!?

Writing...perfect. Direction...well, let's just say...the talent explodes!

As for the performances...well, they explode too!



The(ir) Blurb...

After being dumped by his shallow boyfriend the week before his birthday, a directionless and rapidly aging young gay man must overcome his self doubt in order to pursue a new crush and enter his 30's with a renewed sense of confidence.

Cast & Characters

Christopher Matias Aguila (as Chris)
Francisco San Martin (as Aiden)
Liz Jenkins (as Dana)
John David Williams (as Brad)
Luke Millington-Drake (as Indigo)
Mick Torres (as Ace)
Mike Abbate (as Felix)
Jay Renshaw (as Gavin)
Devon Drew (as Melissa)
Elijah Olachea (as Marcus)
Carl Paul Ezold Jr. (as Gus)
Alice Victoria Winslow (as Self Help Guru)
Anthony C Garcia (as Fantasy Muffin Boy)
Kevin Czako (as Tom Hall)