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Church and the Fourth Estate

Country: USA, Language: English, 33 mins

  • Director: Brian Knappenberger
  • Writer: Brian Knappenberger
  • Producer: Nora Chute, Charlotte Cook, Tiffany Haynes, Brian Knappenberger, Eve Marson, Sabrina Parke, Laura Poitras, Femke Wolting

CGiii Comment

Not a film to enjoy...but, a film that needs to be seen. Religious cults and 'trusted' institutions are complicit in and the cover-up of criminal activity.

There is so much more to this story that deserves to be full! The Boy Scouts of America's bogus bankruptcy is a foil to stave off 1000s of settlements in the sex abuse case lawsuits.

The Church of the present-day morons have parted ways since this film was made.

But...not one scout leader nor moron has been held to account...for perverting the course of justice. It's about time that justice was seen to be done...settlements are not justice! Prison is!


Field of Vision - Church and the Fourth Estate from Field of Vision on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

A reporter uncovers a case file that reveals a shocking series of child abuse allegations in Idaho's Boy Scouts, which rattle the community and implicate the Mormon Church. The case ends up revealing widespread abuse - crimes that threaten to bankrupt the Boy Scouts.