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Summer Place (A)

Country: Cyprus, France, Language: English, 20 mins

  • Director: Alexandra Matheou
  • Writer: Alexandra Matheou
  • Producer: Kyveli Short, Savvas Stavrou

CGiii Comment

Let's not beat about the bush...this is a scathing attack on the Russian exodus that has flooded many a coastal resort.

Decadence, corruption and trophy wives are all in the firing's grotesque to watch.

It's an oddly framed film...from its unexplained beginning to its very subdued ending...Alexandra Matheou has certainly voiced her opinion...from a very different perspective.


A Summer Place (2021) - trailer from alexandramatheou on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Tina lives in Limassol which is now slowly becoming the oligarch paradise of the Mediterranean. Being both a player and a victim in this city transformation, Tina feels overwhelmed - until an extraordinary encounter changes her life.

Cast & Characters

Mary Mina (as Tina)
Aurora Marion (as Nadine)
Natalija Janichkina (as Kseniya)
Giannis Kokkinos (as Stavros)
Mohammed Awwad (as Kareem)
Marios Ioannou (as Geisha)