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Woman Meets Girl

Country: Canada, Language: English, 17 mins

  • Director: Murry Peeters
  • Writer: Murry Peeters
  • Producer: Sammie Astaneh, Adria Budd Johnson, Kailin Che, Anthony Q. Farrell, Paul Franklin, Joe Gasparik, Eric Johnson, Aile Lagunas, Enuka Okuma, Murry Peeters, Aine Rock, Ian Steaman, Helen West

CGiii Comment

Do not read the blurb this with no prior information. Because...

It's precise.

It's beautiful.

It just shouldn't end!

Perfectly acted, written and directed. Well bloody done.


Woman Meets Girl Trailer from EO FILMS on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

"Never Have I Ever... Been in love."

The awkward and tentative ANNABELLE, 40 has invited TESSIE, 18, an extrovert sex worker to stay with her in her mother Libby's home. Over a vodka-fueled game of Never Have I Ever, Tessie challenges Annabelle to a series of sex-related questions culminating in Annabelle finally revealing she's a virgin and her mother is dying. Annabelle and Tessie explore their differences and similarities, especially their fractured relationships with their parents. Tessie's mom died when she was 10 and her dad kicked her out and Annabelle's dad left when she was young. Annabelle and Tessie don't know what to do with the tangible chemistry building between them, Tessie initiates contact wordlessly extending the offer of a sexual liaison. But Annabelle points out it's late. When the possibility for a deeper connection hangs in the air between them, they both clumsily bring the evening to an end.

Cast & Characters

Enuka Okuma (as Annabelle)
Chelsea Russell