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In This Life

Country: USA, Language: English, 13 mins

  • Director: Bat-Sheva Guez
  • Writer: Bat-Sheva Guez; Robbie Fairchild
  • Producer: Jeanette Bonner; Bat-Sheva Guez

CGiii Comment

WTF was that!?!

A truly remarkable film...the power, the beauty, the timing...perfection.

Special mention must go to the editor...flawless.

In fact...the whole film is flawless. Thank you.


In This Life - Trailer from Bat-Sheva Guez on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

In five acts, this film explores the language of loss through dance, narrative scenes, and performance art, conveying the complexity of grief in the, often wordless way it impacts all our lives.

Cast & Characters

Robbie Fairchild
Kathleen Laituri as Dancer - Act 2
Heather Lang as Dancer - Act 3
Rico LeBron as Date
Martha Nichols as Dancer - Act 4
Michael Hsu Rosen as Dancer - Act 3
Ahmad Simmons as Dancer - Act 2
Ryan Steele as Dancer - Act 2
Abigail Stephenson as Dancer - Act 2
Cassandra Surianello as Dancer - Act 2
Julien Valme as Dancer - Act 2