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In His Bold Gaze

Country: Netherlands | Brazil, Language: English | French | German , 20 mins

  • Director: Bernardo Zanotta

CGiii Comment

A short film that should have been shorter!

Too much of nothing, too much repetition...not enough filmmaking talent!


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The(ir) Blurb...

A cannibal drama in which the actors play unfinished characters, often unsure of who they are on and off screen: a closeted gay man, his mother and his lover caught between the anxiety and pleasure of castration.

The film delves into the life of Armin Meiwes, a computer repair technician from Rotenburg, Germany, who in 2001 devoured Bernd Brandes, an engineer from Berlin. Departing from documentary, theatrical, and archival practises, the film re-enacts the infamous case by connecting it to televised and home video cultures from the late 90s.

Cast & Characters

Hinke-Ann Eleveld
Leandro Lefa
Dani Ploeger