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Dreaming Like Louis

Country: Switzerland, Language: French, 19 mins

Original Title

Rêver Comme Lui...aka: Dream On
  • Director: Valentin Merz
  • Writer: Valentin Merz; Claude Muret
  • Producer: Maxi Schmitz; Valentin Merz

CGiii Comment

Soft porn drivel...there really is no story nor is there an ending!


Trailer «Rêver Comme Lui» from Andrea Film on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

Louis is spending the summer in his boyfriend Paul's family house, hidden in the depths of the French countryside. It is very hot, the house is empty and the two lovers are alone. They make love, play, go for walks, make love again and sleep, at night and sometimes during the day. But Paul, whose mother has just died, is tired and nervous. Meanwhile, Louis has started feeling bored and isolated. He begins imagining things, dreaming surreal but also hyper-realistic dreams.

Cast & Characters

Simon Frenay as Louis
Leon David Salazar as Paul
Jean-Charles de Quillacq
Catherine Barbier
Emmanuel Martin