• Luvr
  • Jagged Mind
  • Cisco Kid
  • Breath of Life (A)
  • Represa
  • Lesbiennes, quelle histoire?
  • Prodigal Son
  • Swiping America
  • Bittersweet Becoming
  • Greetings from Queertown: Orlando
  • All The Flowers
  • Afire
  • Queer's Guide to Spiritual Living (A)
  • Three Strangers
  • Drag Me to Dinner
  • Every Body
  • Baby Queen
  • Egoist
  • It’s Not The First Time We Fight For Our Love
  • Safe World
  • Tommy Guns
  • Hidden Letters
  • Hawk as Big as a Horse (A)
  • Problemista
  • Liuben
  • Kenya
  • Otherness
  • Kissing the Ground You Walked On
  • Ama Osa
  • Sunflower
  • Cross dreamers
  • Buenas Compañías (Las)
  • Clashing Differences
  • Ultimatum: Queer Love (The)
  • Little Richard: King and Queen of Rock 'n' Roll
  • Boulet Brothers' Halfway to Halloween TV Special (The)
  • Norwegian Dream
  • We Will Never Die
  • Neighbor (The)
  • LasVegas

Daisy Jones & The Six

Country: United States, Language: English

  • Director: Niki Caro
  • Writer: Taylor Jenkins Reid,Harris Danow, Nora Kirkpatrick

CGiii Comment

Following the rise of Daisy Jones and The Six' rock band through the '70s LA music scene on their quest for worldwide icon status.


Cast & Characters

Sebastian Chacon (as Warren Rhodes (12 episodes))
Riley Keough (as Daisy Jones (12 episodes))
Nabiyah Be (as Simone Jackson (12 episodes))
Sam Claflin (as Billy Dunne (12 episodes))
Will Harrison (as Graham (12 episodes))
Camila Morrone (as (12 episodes))
Suki Waterhouse (as Karen Sirko (12 episodes))
Josh Whitehouse (as Eddie Roundtree (12 episodes))