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Comfort Zone (The)

Country: United States, Language: English, 17 mins

  • Director: Ran Yatim
  • Writer: Ran Yatim
  • Producer: Ran Yatim, Fresh Carerras

CGiii Comment

Much to admire...technically.

Too preachy to start with...the ending doesn't give closure. had/has potential to be something much bigger!


The(ir) Blurb...

What would it take to break you out of your COMFORT ZONE?

Caleb is by all accounts a successful executive cis man. Despite exceeding his father's expectations, Caleb is far from happy. That is, until Star, a vibrant and aspiring black trans female rockstar, comes crashing into his world and turns his comfortably numb existence upside down with a string of reckless misadventures and a new outlook on life.

Cast & Characters

Alex MacNicoll (as Caleb)
Alexandra Grey (as Star)
Luke Jones (as The Ex)
Kevin Fry (as Caleb's Dad)
Shane Almagor (as Young Caleb)