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Too Gay for God?

Country: UK, Language: English, 39 mins

  • Director: Cherish Oteka

CGiii Comment

A ridiculous title, it should have been: Too Gay for Men-of-the-Cloth!

And, Reverend Jide Macauley, knowing full-well the church's stance on homosexuality went ahead and became a gay-man-of-the-cloth.

All these gay priests, vicars, reverends, bishops et al. stop the incessant moaning...look inwards, you are part of the problem!

If every ordained LGBT person left the church and set up on their own...the church would be f&*ked!

So...stop moaning and start f&*king the church!

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The(ir) Blurb...

The story of Reverend Jide Macauley, an openly gay Church of England minister who wants to marry his boyfriend despite the Church not recognising same-sex marriage.

Cast & Characters

Jide Macauley as Self - Presenter (as The Reverend Jide Macauley)
Andrew Foreshew-Cain
Ian Paul Ian Paul