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Country: Sweden, Spain, Language: Swedish, English, Spanish, 92 mins

  • Director: Maja Borg
  • Writer: Maja Borg
  • Producer: Stina Gardell, Andrea Herrera Catalá, Maida Krak, Almudena Monzú

CGiii Comment

A masterclass in how to make sadomasochism boring.

It really is a case some people [Maja Borg] take themselves too, too [way too] seriously.

Unfortunately [for us, the audience], those people [who take themselves too, too seriously, Maja Borg] make a film with the disillusioned ambition that people will want to pay and watch a person taking themselves being too, too serious.

Not only is this self-humiliation on camera...but, a bin-full of problematic and polemic diatribe that no-one wants to hear [or watch]. This is underground cinema at its very worst. This is pseudo-sadomasochism at its very best.

This is NOT humanity...this is a contrived, affected, self-centred, self-absorbed depravity. If this is your thing, fine, keep it within your circle. It need not have been shared.

This is psychosis. A deeply concerning psychosis...pretending to be academic.

These are not bad people. They are desperate need of help. Think...when those boundaries are crossed, when 'consent' is revoked...what happens?

It's simple...anyone who wants to cause pain...needs help. Anyone who wants pain...needs help.

All white. All cis. Slavery. Cultural appropriation. This is vanity. This is disgust.

This is challenging. This is disturbing. This is foul. So very foul.

Therapy might help...but, it seems, you are all way beyond that!

There is no dignity. There is yourselves and others. A crime will be matter how subjective or objective it is. It will be a crime. A moral crime.

Despite the title...there is no passion. Just psychosis. Just narcissism.

Deeply, deeply disturbing...I never want to meet any of you...ever.


PASSION Official Trailer from Amor & Lujo on Vimeo.

The(ir) Blurb...

A film about longing, healing, and belonging. Adopting rituals and play from queer BDSM practice and their own Christian heritage, filmmaker Maja Borg seeks to reclaim intimacy and re-establish boundaries in the wake of a destructive relationship.

Cast & Characters

Maja Borg (as Self)