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Gateways Grind

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 80 mins

  • Director: Jacquie Lawrence
  • Producer: Fizz Milton, Lucie Warrington

CGiii Comment

Well...what a delight this turned out to be. Who would have thought that a documentary about a women-only, defunct bar could be this entertaining!?!

And, entertaining it is...due to Sandi Toksvig's jolly presentation and wry narration. The Gateways club may have been reduced into history...but, with a bevy of notable customers and immortalised by being featured in The Killing of Sister's place in history is safe and secure.

So what went on Behind the Green Door...[yes, that's what the song is about, seemingly]...

Maggie Hambling, with her eternal fag, makes an appearance and is hysterical...

The right height...could get you an says, the LGBT poet laureate!

Lesbian bars and club come and go, short-lived and forgotten....anyone remember The Candy Bar??? The Gateways will always be remembered. For over 40 years it was a haven, a sanctuary...ran by a 'couple' of matriarchs who both had a wealth of 'experiences' worth telling.

If those walls could talk, this could be a whole series. Aaaw, sadly, they can't...but, this film will certainly whet every nostalgic appetite out there. Satisfaction guaranteed.


The(ir) Blurb...

What do you picture when you think of King’s Road? The swinging 60s? Vivienne Westwood pioneering punk fashion? One notable establishment in this enclave of history that’s often forgotten about is Gateways, London’s longest-surviving lesbian club. Alongside a host of its patrons over the years, Sandi Toksvig highlights the legacy of the club from its original owner, who won it in a poker game, to its blossoming into a hotspot and safe space for lesbian life. From its signature green door to the risqué dance move that gives this film its name, Gateways was a crucial part of London’s queer history. In this charming and informative film, it’s celebrated in all its glory.

Grace Barber-Plentie

Cast & Characters

Sandi Toksvig (as Self - Presenter)
Lu Corfield (as First Time Couple)
Victoria Broom (as First Time Couple)
Mel Radloff (as Cigarette Lighting Couple)
Samantha Ovens (as Cigarette Lighting Couple)
Tricia Wey (as Couple Who Kiss at the Table)
Lynne Jefferies (as Couple Who Kiss at the Table)
Veronica Fearon (as Bartender)
Naomi Denny (as Woman at the Bar)
Ky Hoyle (as Dancing Couple)
Carly Grayston (as Dancing Couple)
Clare Lydon (as Beatnik Couple)
Yvonne Ling (as Beatnik Couple)
Amanda Salt (as Painter of the Green Door)
Gary Bartlett (as Hackney Cab Driver)
Debbie Toksvig (as Plaque Woman)