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Big Proud Party Agency (The)

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 29 mins

  • Director: Kirsten Taylor
  • Producer: Kirsten Taylor, Danielle Wilson

CGiii Comment

We watched 1 episode...and, it is what it is. An advertorial for a budget party company.

Some people are born to party, some people are born to organise parties. Some just ain't born to do either. Personality and panache are everything in this business...sadly, those ingredients are a little is the money. It's all just a little bit more Ryanair than Concorde!

Hey...they [and/or the cameras] make people, what's there to complain about!?!


The(ir) Blurb...

Follows the work of a team of LGBTQ+ professional party agents as they plan some iconic events for people with something important to commemorate.

Cast & Characters

Ryan Lanji (as Self - Party Agent (4 episodes, 2022))
Teddy Edwardes (as Self - Party Agent (4 episodes, 2022))
Christopher Mills (as Self - Party Agent (4 episodes, 2022))
Kim Woodburn (as Self - Special Guest (1 episode, 2022))