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All Yours

Country: Belgium | Canada, Language: French | English | Spanish, 102 mins

Original Title

Je suis à toi
  • Director: David Lambert
  • Writer: David Lambert
  • Producer: Sophie Leclercq; Daniel Morin

CGiii Comment

From where it starts to where it ends up is a journey not to be emotional one at that!

First off...let's just say that all the explicit stuff is unnecessary...unless, David Lambert deliberately wanted to 'rile' his audience [into a sort of pre-judgment]'s a very clever ploy...because, from the off, Lucas is not the type of boy you would want mummy and daddy to meet. But, my God, does Nahuel Pérez Biscayart take his character to the moon and back? He most certainly does!

Loneliness can make everyone do desperate things, desperation can make people re-align themselves onto different [less savoury] paths...just to survive. David Lambert has taken these themes, thrown them into smalltown [beige] Belgium, added a few good hearts...and, the result is simply delicious.

The manipulation is staggering, by the director, between the characters...and, when the truth comes out - with one line - you will audibly sigh. But, Monsieur Lambert doesn't stop there...he takes it further and a little further yet...until hearts melt and the emotion overflows. This is compassion, this is care, this is all of its tangled wonder.

Genuine kindness and good hearts are terrifying adversaries against the scourge of loneliness and desperation...these disparate lives with these decent people are testimony to that fact. What a beautiful message to deliver. Monsieur Lambert, merci beaucoup.


The(ir) Blurb...

A scrawny Argentinian rent boy hopes to make some dough working at a bakery in small-town Belgium. Henry welcomes him with open, hairy arms.

The very different body types of Henry and the scraggy Lucas already suggest they’re perhaps not all that compatible, and the rent boy initially balks when he understands he doesn’t have his own room but is expected to simply share the master bedroom with Henry. Nonetheless, the duo quickly fall into a routine that finds them getting up very early to bake fresh loaves, baguettes and pastries that Henry’s coquettish employee, Audrey, sells when the store opens in the morning.

Cast & Characters

Nahuel Pérez Biscayart as Lucas
Jean-Michel Balthazar as Henry
Monia Chokri as Audrey
Augustin Legrand as Jeff
Vittoria Scognamiglio as La meré de Lucas
Achille Ridolfi as Christophe
Anne-Marie Loop as Marianne
Jean-Michel Charlier as Membre du comité 1
Michel Adam as Membre du comité 2
Philippe Burette as Membre du comité 3
Karim Ait Ahmed as Amine
Alex Schelstraete as Escort 1
Axel Cornil as Escort 2
Benjamin Boutboul as Escort 3
Jean-Sebastien Biche as Jean Jaloux