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Ulrichs 1867

Country: Germany, Language: German, 9 mins

  • Director: Sven Niemeyer

CGiii Comment

Juxtapositioning a famous speech onto contemporary beautifully.

Too much split-screen...for a dance piece.

The end statement stating that homophobic violence has increased in Germany [since 2018] by 60% needs some explanation...the immigration of homophobic religions and ideologies! That is not a controversial statement, it's true...not just in Germany!


ULRICHS 1867 (EN sub.) from Sven Niemeyer on Vimeo.


The(ir) Blurb...

Karl Heinrich Ulrichs (1825-1895), was a lawyer, journalist, publisher, writer, pioneer of sexology and is known as the “first open gay man” and “LGBTQ+”-activist in Germany. His words urging acceptance of same-sex attraction are read and interpreted through dance set to a techno score.

Cast & Characters

Chastity Belt
Stephan Brauer
Kathi Damerow
Mariyama Ebel
Callum Flynn (as (as Calum Flynn))
Charlotte Grigoleit
Sedar Gökduman
Melissa Holley
Yannick Illmer
Alessio Impedov
Milena Jung (as (as Milena Junge))
Nicola Kohler
Franziska Kuropka
Britta Köster
Fides Groot Landeweer
Marcelino Libao
Yamile Tamayo Martinez
Miss Vander Lizm
Danny Penninzula
Mark Philip
Frederik Reents
David Rodgrizuez
Pascal Schmidt
Jonas Stüdermann
Ali Tavakol