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Fanny: The Right to Rock

Country: Canada, Language: English, 96 mins

  • Director: Bobbi Jo Hart
  • Writer: Bobbi Jo Hart
  • Producer: Bobbi Jo Hart; Robbie Hart

CGiii Comment

Name an all-female rock band that changed music forever. The Runaways? Sure, but have you heard of the trail-blazing rock band Fanny, who did it all first? Fanny: The Right to Rock tells the story of one of the best bands—Filipina-American and LBGTQ+ bandmates included—that you have likely never heard.

This essential documentary shows how Fanny navigated line-up changes, sexism, homophobia, racism, tumultuous personal upheaval, and a problematic record label, through the use of incredible archival footage and interviews with Bonnie Raitt, Kate Pierson and other rock legends. Canadian Director Bobbi Jo Hart (2017 Inside Out Winner Best Canadian Feature for Rebels on Pointe), brings us up to speed on Fanny’s past and present with several of the original members reflecting on both their storied history and their plans for a highly-anticipated comeback.

Fanny: The Right to Rock shines a long-overdue spotlight on a pioneering rock band that is still kicking ass 50 years later.


Cast & Characters

Joe Elliott as Def Leppard
Bonnie Raitt as Singer / Songwriter
Cherie Currie as The Runaways
Todd Rundgren as Music Producer
Kathy Valentine as The Go Go's
Kate Pierson as The B52's
Jean Millington as Fanny bassist
June Millington as Fanny lead guitarist
Brie Howard as Fanny drummer
Alice de Buhr as Fanny drummer
Nickey Barclay as Fanny keyboardist
Patti Quatro as Fanny guitarist
John Sebastian as The Lovin' Spoonful
Earl Slick as David Bowie lead guitarist
Gail Ann Dorsey as David Bowie bassist