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Danced Out

Country: United States, Language: English

  • Director: Mark Broomfield
  • Writer: Mark Broomfield
  • Producer: Mark Broomfield, Grits Carter, Kira Madallo Sesay

CGiii Comment

'Danced Out' emerges from the director's lived experience as a gay male dancer in professional dance. In a world filled with anxiety about masculinity and the policing of its boundaries, this film shares a deep commitment to understanding, exploring, and revealing the multifaceted aspects of gender performance on and offstage. The implications of this film show the critical social role and function gay men have in contemporary society. With a nuanced approach to masculinity, the film imparts longstanding survival techniques these men use that often elude and challenge traditional notions of gender performance.


Danced Out (Unofficial Trailer) from Mark Broomfield on Vimeo.


Cast & Characters

Nathan Lee Graham (as Self)
Sergio Trujillo (as Self)
Desmond Richardson (as Self)
Marcelo Gomes (as Self)
Mark Broomfield (as Self)
Orlando Zane Hunter (as Self)
Dwight Rhoden (as Self)
Helanius J. Wilkins (as Self)
Sean Aaron Carmon (as Self)
Anthony Bryant (as Self)
Iquail Shaheed (as Self)
Ronald K. Brown (as Self)
Ricardo Valentine (as Self)