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Sissy: The Movie

Country: The Netherlands, Language: Dutch, 46 mins

Original Title

Pisnicht: The Movie
  • Director: Nicolaas Veul
  • Writer: Nicolaas Veul

CGiii Comment

Sticks and stones will break your bones...but, one word will always hurt. What's the word that hurts you? does depend on your age and where you come from?

Think about the bizarre reclamation of 'Queer' - a word that quite literally makes many [gay] men shudder...everything nowadays is queer this, queer that...the snowflake sensitivity seems to ignore the sensitivities of others. Respect, babies, is a two-way street. And...not everyone identifies as queer...although the insistence seems to relentless in adopting this abhorrent word as an umbrella term for the LGBT [non] community.

Nicolaas Veul's film is not an intellectual endeavour - although there are two academics who spout the obvious. Rather...he goes around shoving a microphone in the faces of random men, asking: Are you gay? He gets annoyed when they all say no...because, you silly snowflake, they are not gay! This kind of provocation is not only mindless...but, damaging.

Some thicker skinned people may view this as yet one more self-centred snowflake moaning and whining, much ado about little...and, to a certain extent, it is.

On the other hand...the snowflakes will all collectively agree...with Mr Veul's approach and opinion. Bless their self-centred hearts.

Words can and do hurt...but, they don't break bones...unless [it would seem] you're a snowflake!

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The(ir) Blurb...

Wimp. Gay. Faggot. Piss cousin. Nicolaas Veul has been hearing these words all his life. Sometimes as a joke, sometimes as a swear word. Often as something in between. What is normal for one, the other experiences as an insult or a form of homophobia. While there is a discussion 'whether you can still say everything in this country', Nicolaas investigates in 'Pisnicht: The Movie' what the impact of these words is on (young) gays.

Cast & Characters

Nicolaas Veul