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Country: The Netherlands, Language: Dutch | French | English, 88 mins

  • Director: Norbert ter Hall
  • Writer: Norbert ter Hall; Oscar van den Boogaard
  • Producer: Peter Bouckaert; Petra Goedings

CGiii Comment

So many many nationalities!

A truly European film...pity about the flimsy storyline.

This is a threesome with some dire acting - Teun Luijkx may be a damn fine-looking chap...alas, he can't act. The puppy-dog look can get you so far (he got the part)...but, that's as far as it goes.

Verenica Echegui does a scatty Penelope Cruz grates rather than ingratiates. And, Mark Waschke is a bit of a non-entity.'s the direction and dialogue that really let this well-filmed film down. Television directors should remain in television...this is a clear cut case of ambition superceding ability.


The(ir) Blurb...

Every month a strange ritual takes place in Brussels. The European Parliament moves to its Strasbourg seat in 15 enormous trucks. A week later everything is moved back again. The romantic comedy &ME takes place against the backdrop of this desperate attempt to maintain European idealism. &ME tells the story of 24-year old law student Edurne who moves from Sitges to Brussels. On her first day at the European Parliament she collides violently with 40-year old German Eduard Schiller. Unlucky in love, homosexual Eduard has arrived in Brussels from Berlin to start a new life. Looking for happiness, he has decided to take a new path and look for a woman. Edurne and Eduard see the collision as the sign of a special relationship. L'amour c'est bizarre. Everything changes when they meet handsome 30-year old EC removal man Richard. A battle for Richard's love develops between Eduard and Edurne. The confrontation with the truth gives the threesome very different answers to the same question...

De 24-jarige rechtenstudent Edurne Verona verhuist vanuit Sitges naar Brussel om stage te lopen bij de EU. Op haar eerste werkdag botst ze met een enorme klap tegen de 40-jarige Duitse Eduard Schiller op. De in de liefde teleurgestelde homoseksuele Eduard is vanuit Berlijn naar Brussel gekomen om een nieuw leven te beginnen. In zijn zoektocht naar geluk heeft hij besloten het roer drastisch om te gooien en op zoek te gaan naar een vrouw. Edurne en Eduard zien in de botsing de aanleiding voor een bijzondere relatie.

Cast & Characters

Mark Waschke as Eduard;
Verenica Echegui as Edurne;
Teun Luijkx as Richard;
Rafael Cebrian as Julio;
Rossy de Palma as Mother;
Howard Charles as Albert;
Pamela Knaack as Gertrude;
Julian Looman as Gunther;
Michel Nabokoff as Civil Servant