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Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 15 mins

  • Director: Pryka Almeida
  • Writer: Pryka Almeida

CGiii Comment

The director has much to learn...

The cinematographer shows [some] talent.

Aren't the kitchen tiles meant to match up? Like the film, nothing does.


Curta-Metragem "2017" from Pryka Almeida on Vimeo.

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The(ir) Blurb...

Mixed signals, narcissism, love for sale: Liquid Love in São Paulo. The lives of the 30-year-old Katharina (played by Camilla Ferreira) and 40-year-old Alice (played by Rodolfo Lima) intertwine when Katharina enters a new world of online romances through dating apps.

Cast & Characters

Camilla Ferreira as Katharina
Rodolfo Lima as Alice
Fernando Sabatini as Nicolas
Gabriel Morgante as Guilherme
Luversan Gerard as Pastor Donovan