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Tomorrow Is a Long Time

Country: Singapore, Taiwan, France, Portugal, Language: English, Mandarin, 106 mins

Original Title

Míng tian bi zuo tian chang jiu
  • Director: Zhi Wei Jow
  • Writer: Zhi Wei Jow
  • Producer: Fran Borgia, Stefano Centini, Jeremy Chua, Ico Costa, Xavier Rocher, Yu-Hao Su

CGiii Comment

Young Meng is trying to find common ground with his emotionally distant father while coming to terms with the loss of his mother. The father’s inability to connect and provide comfort to his teenage son, coupled with the grueling nature of his job as an exterminator create a chasm between the two. Meanwhile, Meng is targeted by school bullies, forcing him to learn how to fend for himself. A stirring feature debut grounded in the complex father-son dynamic. Split into two distinct parts, the coming-of-age drama charts the boy’s journey from the stifling family home in a Singaporean urban jungle to military service in an actual jungle, where little by little he starts to understand who he is at the core. Wei wields his sharp cinematic gaze through an observational yet emotionally immersive style that captures profound moments of masculine tension and tenderness. The film is carried by the magnetic newcomer Edward Tan, who easily holds his own against the veteran actor-director Leon Dai in this heartbreaking dance of wills.


Cast & Characters

Leon Dai (as Chua)
Edward Tan (as Meng)
Jay Victor (as Soe)
Julius Foo (as Lee)
Lekheraj Sekhar (as Kishod)
Harry Nayan (as Harry)
Neo Swee Lin (as Wan)