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Way Out (The)

Country: United States, Language: English, 94 mins

  • Director: Barry Jay
  • Writer: Barry Jay
  • Producer: Artisha Mann Cooper, Barry Jay, Scott Manley, Mike Manning, Carl Rumbaugh, Sherri Shepherd, Nick Theurer

CGiii Comment

A young man deals with the loss of his abusive father by taking advice from a charming, dangerous stranger who teaches him about life, sex, and fighting back.

Cast & Characters

Sherri Shepherd (as Veronica)
Ashleigh Murray (as Gracie)
Mike Manning (as Shane Collins)
Jonny Beauchamp (as Alex Romero)
Mitch Silpa (as Dale)
Evan Todd (as Grant)
Anthony Ruiz (as Phil Romero)
Damien Diaz (as Randy)
Amy Chang (as Marty)
Alison Robertson (as Detective Cole)
Nick Scott (as Detective)
Mack Kuhr (as Henry)
Nick Theurer (as Brent)
Ed Gonzalez Moreno (as Nick)
Trey Gerrald (as Freddy)
D'Arquoia Connor (as News Anchor)
Rena Bobbs (as Kirsty)
Fabian Xavier (as Young Alex)