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Carnivores (The)

Country: USA, Language: English, 77 mins

  • Director: Caleb Johnson
  • Writer: Caleb Johnson; Jeff Bay Smith
  • Producer: Thomas Fernandes; Caleb Johnson; Heather Johnson; Adam J. Minnick; Jeff Bay Smith; Ted Speaker

CGiii Comment

Alice and Bret's dog Harvey is dying, and he's ruining everything. What had been a bright little family is quickly getting consumed by clouds of self-doubt, suspicion and a disturbing amount of ground beef.


The Carnivores - Teaser from Caleb Michael Johnson on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Lindsay Burdge as Bret
Tallie Medel as Alice
Frank Mosley as Dog-Man
Vincent James Prendergast as Roland (Bank Guy)
Jason Newman as Veterinarian
Thomas Fernandes as Postal Manager
Aiden Colquitt as Harvie
Lorelei Johnson as Street Kid
Aaron Johnson as Street Kid
Doris Clark as Bank Customer
Nicole Brending as Phone Voice (voice)
Brooke Whipple as Deer Butcher