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Pretty Red Dress

Country: United Kingdom, Language: English, 110 mins

  • Director: Dionne Edwards
  • Writer: Dionne Edwards
  • Producer: Christopher Arcache, Farhana Bhula, Georgia Goggin, Bennett McGhee, Jim Reeve, Eva Yates

CGiii Comment

One dress changes everything for a family in Dionne Edwards’ spirited debut, which investigates Black masculinity and family structures.

Travis has just been released from prison and it quickly becomes apparent that much has changed while he’s been gone. While girlfriend Candice (an electrifying Alexandra Burke) is on the up and auditioning to star in a Tina Turner musical, daughter Kenisha is struggling in school and her relationship with her mum is tense. So, when Travis buys Candice her dream dress for an audition, rather than smoothing over the family’s problems, it ends up creating even more. As secrets and desires left unsaid threaten to spill out, Travis is forced to re-examine who he is and how he wants to be perceived in the world. In her skilfully directed first feature, Dionne Edwards crafts an uplifting family drama that will instantly fall into the canon of iconic London films.

Grace Barber-Plentie


Cast & Characters

Eliot Sumner (as Sam)
Ben Caplan (as Jim)
Nicholas Bishop (as Shaun)
Edwin De La Renta (as Fletcher)
Thomas Grant (as Danny)
James McNicholas (as PC Newman)
Maria Almeida (as Cicely)
Lee Byford (as Prison Officer)
Alexandra Burke
Natey Jones
Emeka Sesay
Michael Junior Onafowokan
Basit Ayanwusi (as Tyson)
Baba Oyejide
Divarni A. Groce-Balogun (as Party Guest)
Dexter Flanders (as Victor)
Jasmine Atkins-Smart (as Sergeant Marks)
Temilola Olatunbosun
Eddison Joseph (as Uncle Pat)
Kieran Simon (as Prisoner)