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On the Fringe of Wild

Country: Canada, Language: English, 83 mins

  • Director: Emma Catalfamo
  • Writer: Sorelle Doucet
  • Producer: Eric Bizzarri

CGiii Comment

Shakespeare once said What tangled webs we weave, and this is the through-line of On the Fringe of Wild. Peter is a young gay man whose father is trying to make a man of him by taking him camping. He is a talented artist who uses drawing to escape his life and hopes to get into a prestigious art school. He is being bullied by most everyone at school, epically Miles, who himself is closeted and using a tough guy image and a girlfriend on his arm as his defense of being found out. He is having a secret affair with Jack, a very insecure young man living in constant fear of his very violent and abusive alcoholic father. When Jack and Peter each escape their living situations, a chance encounter will change their lives forever as the two set up a temporary home free of the bigotry and violence they have endured. As they come closer and try to be their true selves, Jack can no longer take the forces that are trying to tear them apart, leading to an ending that is incredibly difficult to accept but all to often a reality for many LGBTQ+ youth.


Cast & Characters

Andrew Bee as Nathan
Harrison Browne as Peter
Audrey Nesbitt as Diane
Bernadette Medhurst as Beccy
Cameron Stewart as Jack
Andrea Pavlovic as Candace
Mike Von Doeler as Background performer
Adam Jenner as Harry
Mikael Melo as Miles
Wesley Coughlin