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Love in Country

Country: United States, Language: English

  • Director: Kurt Braun, Richard Gayton
  • Writer: Richard Gayton, James Sosontovich
  • Producer: Peter Hackman, Jerry McGrath, Craig Rogers

CGiii Comment

Love in Country is a film that honors LGBT veterans and all Americans serving in the military. The story centers on Ian Alexander and Johnny Reese, two Army Rangers who have fallen in love amidst the horrors of the Vietnam War. Their bond makes them unstoppable on the battlefield. When the deranged Captain Heinrick leads them on a particularly risky mission, Ian and Reese must survive and still accomplish the mission.


Cast & Characters

Vincent van Hinte (as Capt. John Tower Heinrick)
Michael Southworth (as Sgt John Reese)
David Garber (as SGT Ian Alexander)
Elijah Olachea (as PFC Jay Edgar Burd)
Robert M. O'Brien (as Sp4 Thomas 'Doc' Graham)
Jon Owens (as PFC 1st Class Charles 'Thumper' White)
John Michael Tilmont (as Agent Crawford CIA)
Vu Ha (as Monk in the Grotto)
Brandon Yutterman (as Lt. Harold Holis)
David A. Miller (as Battalion Commander)
Lee Christman (as Macklin)
Jamison Key (as Medic)
Mitch McDonald (as First Sergeant)
Aki Aitos (as Vu Hoang, NVA Prisioner)