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Lisa Frankenstein

Country: United States, Language: English, 101 mins

  • Director: Zelda Williams
  • Writer: Diablo Cody
  • Producer: Diablo Cody, Elizabeth Ellson, Jeffrey Lampert, Michelle Momplaisir, Mason Novick

CGiii Comment

"Dig up someone special."

A coming of RAGE love story about a teenager and her crush, who happens to be a corpse. After a set of horrific circumstances bring him back to life, the two embark on a journey to find love, happiness - and a few missing body parts.


Cast & Characters

Carla Gugino
Kathryn Newton
Cole Sprouse
Jenna Davis (as Lori)
Henry Eikenberry
Joe Chrest
Liza Soberano (as Taffy)
Sylvia Grace Crim (as Officer Waters)
Charlie Talbert (as Wayne)
Paola Andino (as Misty)
Lacey Dover (as Cheerleader)
Geraldine Singer (as Mrs. Garces)
Ritchie Montgomery (as Old Man Harvey)
Jennifer Pierce Mathus (as Lisa's Mom)
Julia Belanova
Trina LaFargue (as Tricia)
Walker Babington (as Officer John)
Donna Duplantier (as Principal Buckley)
Summer Selby (as Neighbor Woman)
Joey Harris (as Tamara)
Bryce Romero (as Doug)
Ray Gaspard (as Mr. garces)
Sarah S. Fisher (as Lady Cop)
Luke Sexton (as Axe Murderer)
Jailyn Rae (as Psychic Jenny)