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Country: Ireland, Language: English, 35 mins

  • Director: Robert Madden
  • Writer: Robert Madden
  • Producer: Robert Madden

CGiii Comment

Sound, editing and writing are just a few of the issues. There are others...

Award-winning!?! Every short film seems to be award-winning nowadays!


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The(ir) Blurb...

Undefeated centers around a determined young man who embarks on a sporting journey, challenging stereotypes as he moves up the ranks.

Cast & Characters

Maxim Trigub as Tristan
Aston Burke Flynn as Jack
Mandy Irving as Mom
Conor Quinn as Tristan's Coach
Darcy Elizabeth Mullen as Rebecca
Mo Aldahchan as Malokhev (as Mo Dahchan)
Jack Swift as Elijah
Louise Byrne as Abbie