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We Have Never Been Modern

Country: Czechia, Language: Czech, 117 mins

  • Director: Matej Chlupacek
  • Writer: Miro Sifra
  • Producer: Matej Chlupacek, Maja Hamplova

CGiii Comment

Set in 1937 in a town in Eastern Europe - aspiring to become a model of a modern metropolis - the film follows the wife of the director who is confronted with a mystery that no one wants to solve: The lifeless body of an intersex infant is discovered buried in a mound of sand, compelling everyone to confront their own self-judgment and biases.


Cast & Characters

Eliska Krenková
Martha Issová
Marian Mitas
Milan Ondrík
Ladislav Hampl
Richard Langdon
Lubos Veselý
Miloslav König