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Cathedral (The)

Country: United States, Language: English, Italian, 87 mins

  • Director: Ricky D'Ambrose
  • Writer: Ricky D'Ambrose
  • Producer: Richard D'Angelo, David Lowery, Daniel Ryniker, Graham Swon

CGiii Comment

The story of an America family told through the first twenty years of Jesse’s life, from birth to college, as fortunes and misfortunes of the US province alternate, and many unspoken things accumulate until they are forced to explode. A contemplative journey into a world that appears clean and spotless and instead omits and hides. The voice over leads the viewer into a story of hypocrisy and failure, with a structure that mixes classic narrative and documentary detachment, without hiding autobiographical intentions.


Cast & Characters

Monica Barbaro (as Lydia Damrosch)
Brian d'Arcy James (as Richard Damrosch)
Geraldine Singer (as Flora Orkin)
Robert Levey II (as Jesse (12))
Cynthia Mace (as Billie Alloway)
Linnea Gregg (as Christine Orkin (adult))
Madeline Hudelson (as Kara Orkin)
Mark Zeisler (as Nick Orkin)
Kyle Minshew (as Ringle)
Siena Marino (as Christine Orkin (child))
Candy Dato (as Josephine)
William Day (as Albert)
Erich Rausch (as Ted Alloway)
Diane Mostello (as Mary)
William Bednar-Carter (as Jesse (17))
Gorman Ruggiero (as Dominic)
Melinda Tanner (as Claire)
Rosanne Rubino (as Jean)
Jackie Krim (as Talia Menlo)
Amy Scanlon (as The Clown)
Matthew Hammond (as Peter McMillan)
Love Lolli (as Pamela)
Andrea Woodbridge (as Marie)
Steven Alonte (as John Menlo)
Cooper Carrell (as Andrew (child))