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Pier Kids

Country: USA, Language: English, 96 mins

  • Director: Elegance Bratton
  • Writer: Elegance Bratton
  • Producer: Chester Algernal Gordon

CGiii Comment

Following the path tread by Paris is Burning, through dance halls and police-filled streets, Outfest alum Elegance Bratton spent three years at NYC's Christopher Street Pier documenting its community of queer and trans kids of color. The resulting raw, immersive film captures the spirit of this new generation living on the edge of homelessness with bold visual style. By elevating stories like that of central figure Crystal LaBeija, a young trans woman named for the ballroom legend, Bratton crafts a transcendent narrative around these still hopeful, vibrant youth.


Cast & Characters

Krystal Dixon
DeSean Irby
Krystal LaBeija
Jusheem Thorne