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  • Across the Sea
  • Queens of Drama
  • Pride V. Prejudice: The Delwin Vriend Story
  • Mother Father Sister Brother Frank
  • Motel Destino
  • Most People Die on Sundays
  • Vivre, mourir, renaître
  • HOUSE OF FIRE: The workings of The House of Miyake-Mugler
  • Onomatopeya
  • Tattooist of Auschwitz (The)
  • Bonjour la langue
  • Désir et rébellion, L'art de la joie - Goliarda Sapienza
  • Polvo (El)
  • Gasoline Rainbow
  • Vrai du Faux (Le)
  • Good One
  • Heart of the Man
  • Under the Influencer
  • National Anthem
  • I Kissed a Girl
  • Viet and Nam
  • My Sunshine
  • Beauty of Gaza (The)
  • Baby
  • Lipstick on the Glass
  • Pampa (La)
  • Summer Qamp
  • Unspoken
  • Marcello Mio
  • Mother Apart (A)
  • nanekawâsis
  • Rookie
  • First Women (The)
  • Queer Planet
  • Hammarskjöld - Fight For Peace
  • Linda Perry: Let It Die Here
  • Shameless (The)
  • Fainéant.e.s
  • Agent of Happiness
  • Spirit of Ecstasy

No Strings Attached

Country: Ireland, Canada, Poland, Taiwan, Language: Polish, Chinese, English, 100 mins

  • Director: Chung-Chieh Chiang, Luke Daly, Martin Edralin, Nathan Fagan, Po-Cheng Teng, Wojciech Tubaja
  • Writer: Chung-Chieh Chiang, Martin Edralin, Nathan Fagan, O, Po-Cheng Teng, Wojciech Tubaja

CGiii Comment

A popular TV star finds himself the subject of a local media scandal, a teenage boy has a moment of self-discovery on the rooftop of his high school, and a series of strangers disclose their most intimate secrets under the comfort of anonymity. Fleeting connections and hidden desires abound in this poignant collection of stories about the drama and passion that erupts behind closed doors.

Skin to Skin dir. Luke Daly and Nathan Fagan
An experimental documentary exploring the beautifully messy relationship between intimacy and LGBTQ+ hook-up culture.

The Rooftop dir. Po-Cheng Teng
“Does your body belong to you?” A teenage boy tries to find out the reason why he has difficulty breathing when he makes love with his girlfriend.

Portret dir. Wojciech Tubaja
Do you feel so lost that you ask around others who you really are? Do you feel so embarrassed about yourself that you want to share this with other people? Do you get the feeling that your life is so absurd and chaotic that you would like to ask somebody else to live it for you? Or perhaps you long for some exciting adventures with a stranger to satisfy your craving for the truth of the dark side of yourself? Do you want to feel wild at times – that you want to spend time in a hotel meeting weird people, who would invite you to their rooms? Possibly, to achieve inner peace, you would prefer to meet someone even more unreasonable than yourself? Or maybe you simply want to fall in love and live just like other people? Do you feel your life seems like a film? Or perhaps it is just the matter of interpretation? Maybe you are a screen character as well?

Shiba San and Meow Chan dir. Chung-Chieh Chiang
Shiba San and Meow Chan - a hit children’s show in which the two brothers act as dog and cat, respectively - has been sweeping through the nation and bringing fame to the two leads. Though radiant on stage, they both have something on their minds. Shiba san has been secretly in love with a married man, while Meow chan miss his remarried mother and it confused him when she abandoned him. A journey will lead the two strays to confront their emptiness inside.

Hole dir. Martin Edralin
A daring portrait of a disabled man yearning for intimacy in a world that would rather ignore him.


Cast & Characters

Sebastian Deery
Shaun Dunne
Bartlomiej Firlet
Ken Harrower
Kuan-Ting Liu
Marcin Tyrol
Chih-Hsuan Wu
Joshua Yang
Vivi Yeh