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Much Ado About Dying

Country: United Kingdom, Ireland, Language: English, 84 mins

  • Director: Simon Chambers
  • Producer: Simon Chambers, David Rane

CGiii Comment

When filmmaker Simon Chambers is suddenly called back to London from India to care for his dying uncle, David, he is wholly unprepared for the madcap journey to follow. Told that he has just one month to live, David, an eccentric gay actor who is always “on,” constantly reciting lines and performing different characters, suddenly improves once the camera starts rolling. “One month to live” becomes four whirlwind years of catastrophes large—a house fire, missing money, credit card fraud—and small—wanton clutter, nudity, pee in jars—for both uncle and nephew. A portrait of aging, agency, and burden, Much Ado About Dying is a last will and testament to living in chaos and dying in bliss. “Death is like a wonderful holiday, without the bother of packing!” As David nears his end, in a state between states, he channels Shakespeare and delivers an astoundingly cogent and profound final soliloquy about snowflakes that will live on in the audience’s memory forever. Angie Driscoll.