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Br Trans

Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 77 mins

  • Director: Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa
  • Writer: Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa
  • Producer: Raphael Alvarez, Tatiana Issa

CGiii Comment

Brazil is the number 1 country of killings of transsexual people in the world. Created from fragments of real stories collected in conversations with transvestites, and transgender people, the film BR TRANS presents the dreams, desires, experiences, achievements, as well as reports of exclusion, brutal killings, and violence, present in the daily lives of this population from north to south of Brazil. The result of a scenic research process, carried out by renowned actor and playwright Silvero Pereira, in the streets of Brazil, the film intertwines the lives of real transsexual people and transvestites, composing a portrait of what it is to be transgender in Brazil. Directed by EMMY Award winner Tatiana Issa and Raphael Alvarez, the film premiered at the renowned Rio International Film Festival.


BR TRANS (trecho) from MixBrasil on Vimeo.

Cast & Characters

Silvero Pereira (as Self)