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All The Flowers

Country: Puerto Rico, Colombia, Language: Spanish, 75 mins

Original Title

Todas Las Flores
  • Director: Carmen Oquendo-Villar
  • Producer: Mark Canavera, Dominique Levy, Julie Mehretu, Annabelle Mullen, Walter Otero, Nicolas Pacheco, Enrique Rossy, Miguel Villafañe, Alejandro Ángel

CGiii Comment

Brothels are rarely seen as safe or dignifying. Yet, in a red light district of Colombia, a country torn by decades of war, there's a tiny brothel named "Tabaco y Ron," which acts as a shelter and shield for trans sex workers that work there. Through a choral portrait of the trans community that inhabits the brothel, Todas Las Flores constructs an intimate vignette of this remarkable space. Located in Santafé, Bogotá, the brothel operates in a zone that concentrates all the miseries of a bloodstained region but is also an oasis for all people desperately fleeing war.