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  • LasVegas


Country: Brazil, Language: Portuguese, 95 mins

  • Director: Wesley Gondim
  • Producer: Thiago Rocha

CGiii Comment

Five Brazilian performers represent a dazzling encounter with variations of masculine femininity.

Safira O’Hara, Khryz Amusa, Chandelly Kidman, Hellena Borgyz and Jefferson Lemons perform in five different cities across Brazil. In their lives and work they reveal a fascinating variety of experiences and performance styles. Much of this film’s pleasure lies in the captivating personalities of these diverse performers, from the lip-synching drag queen (‘Bricklayer by day, drag queen by night!’) and flamboyant dancer to a once super-macho who changed his style to become a contemporary dance hero. The subjects gradually reveal their stories, their heartaches and successes, offering a rare insight into unconventional lives lived in the public eye and embracing a non-traditional effeminacy that goes beyond the binary. Afeminadas is a refreshing antidote to macho culture.

Brian Robinson