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1946: The Mistranslation That Shifted Culture

Country: United States, Language: English, 92 mins

  • Director: Sharon Roggio
  • Writer: Jena Serbu, Jill Woodward
  • Producer: Miranda Allender, Brianna Coorey, Tyler Eichorst, Frederick Feeley, Daniel G. Karslake, Sabrina Merage Naim, Josie Peres, Marianne Ricci, Sharon Roggio, Carmen Scott, Jena Serbu

CGiii Comment

"A documentary film that chronicles how the misuse of a single word changed the course of modern history."

Christianity’s negative attitude towards the gay community is often justified by the prohibitions in a small number of familiar Biblical texts. This moving and important documentary explores the personal stories of LGBTQIA+ people and their allies who have used sophisticated Bible scholarship and translation to uncover the revelation that the first time the word homosexual was included in the Bible was 1946. The implications of this, along with the research that led to it, are vividly and passionately explored in this warm and moving documentary, which occasionally resembles a detective thriller. For Christians and non-Christians alike, this is a powerful indictment of religion-inspired prejudice and an impassioned portrait of activists working to change hearts and minds in the church and beyond.

Brian Robinson


Cast & Characters

Cheryl Anderson (as OT Hebrew Scholar / Expert)
Kathy Baldock (as Self)
Steve Greenberg (as Rabbi / Hebrew Scholar / Expert)
Ed Oxford (as Self)
Angela N. Parker (as NT Greek Scholar / Expert)
David Potter (as Greek and Roman Historian / Expert)