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Tres son multitud, cuatro es un desastre

Country: Venezuela, Language: Spanish, 80 mins

  • Director: Edgar Rocca
  • Writer: Homero Díaz, Homero Díaz, Edgar Rocca
  • Producer: Homero Díaz, Felipe Gouveia, Gabriel Ng Marino, Juan Pablo Martínez, Keyla Medina, Edgar Rocca

CGiii Comment

During the pandemic lock-down, Alejandra starts going to therapy to get over her ex-girlfriend Susana, who dumped her after Alejandra cheated on her with a man, this without knowing that Susana is also going to the same therapist, a psychologist that advertise himself on Instagram. During the sessions, Alejandra and Susana recall how they met and how it all came down the day they start living together, when they realized that they have never told their respective parents, who are about to come to meet the new place, that they are gay.


Cast & Characters

Leiry Orozco (as Alejandra)
Keyla Medina (as Susana)
Elmer Pinto (as Leo)
Elysaul Rojas (as Alí)
Antonio Cuevas (as Mario)
Liliana Meléndez (as Desirée)
Amada García (as Varinia)
Homero Díaz (as Morris)
Edgar Rocca (as Psicólogo Xavier)