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Tara vs Bilal

Country: India, Language: Hindi, 126 mins

  • Director: Samar Iqbal
  • Writer: Sanyuktha Chawla Shaikh
  • Producer: John Abraham, Ajay Arora, Nancy Nisa Beso, Vicky Bhatia, Minnakshi Das, Alex Anthony Fernandes, Bhushan Kumar, Sarmad Varraich

CGiii Comment

Bilal (played by Harshvardhan Rane) lives a carefree life in London, with his Matriarchal family. He is troubled by a childhood trauma and is averse to the idea of marriage. There comes Tara (played by Sonia Rathee) like a fresh breeze, who rebuilds her life after her one day-old husband leaves her stranded in London. Fate brings them together. As they gradually learn about each other's lives, their insecurities, and past demons, they come closer. When Bilal takes Tara's help to pretend being his fiancee, he slowly falls for her but he is unable to tell her so. Only once he unburdens himself from his traumatic past, then he is able to make all the efforts to bring his love back. Overall, a sweet and endearing love story. Harshvardhan Rane and Sonia Rathee have extraordinary chemistry, the supporting cast and story line are robust. And the movie addresses several important aspects -- like, a LGBTQ love story in the parallel, overcoming childhood trauma and rebuilding life.


Cast & Characters

Sonia Rathee (as Tara)
Harshvardhan Rane (as Bilal)
Raheem Mir (as Ritz)
Pranay Manchanda (as Jiggy / Jignesh Patel)
Nathaly Herrera (as Jen)
Shammi Aulakh (as Imran)
Shafali Chung (as Niamat)
Bhargav Polara (as Friends)
Khalid Mahmud (as Club Bouncer)
Moa Wikberg (as Dancer)
Jassi Kapoor (as Balli Uncle)
John Mclean (as Dancer)
Jayshree Panchal (as Restaurant Guest)
Fareed Khan (as Dadu)
Harsh Pandit (as Vijay)
Yash Agnihotri (as Waiter (wedding party))
Al Groves (as Angry Hotel Patron)
Qamar Gilani (as Niamat's Mother)
Anil Christie (as Young Girl's Father)
Aruna Soni (as Sonu Aunty)
Jaiy Brooks (as Nightclub Attendee)
Liam Sutton (as Waiter (uncredited))
Anzelika Wloch (as Cafe customer (uncredited))