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Mediterranean Fever

Country: Germany, France, Cyprus, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Language: Arabic, Hebrew, English, 108 mins

  • Director: Maha Haj
  • Writer: Maha Haj
  • Producer: Baher Agbariya, Martin Hampel, Thanassis Karathanos, Juliette Lepoutre, Pierre Menahem, Marios Piperides, Laura Samara, Janine Teerling

CGiii Comment

Waleed dreams of a writing career while suffering from depression. He develops a relationship with his neighbor - a small-time crook. While the scheme turns into an unexpected friendship, it leads them into a journey of dark encounters.


Cast & Characters

Amer Hlehel (as Waleed)
Ashraf Farah (as Jalal Sabbagh)
Anat Hadid (as Ola)
Samir Elias (as Shams)
Cynthia Saleem (as Nour)
Shaden Kanboura (as Raneen)
Yussuf Abu-Warda (as Aziz)
Sobhi Hosari (as Husam)
Thuraya Younes (as Waleed's Neighbor)
Nihaya Bishara (as Hana, Waleed's Mother (as Nihaya Bshara))
Raheeq Haj Yahia Suleiman (as Psychologist (as Raheeq Haj Yihia))
Kareem Ghneim (as Gangster)
Samar Qupty (as Lina (as Samar Qubty))
Bashir Nahra (as The New Neighbour)
Adam Farraj (as Gangster)
Rizan Irani (as Boy in the Street)
Aleksandra Karaka (as Pediatric)
Michel Qanboura (as Carpenter (as Micheal Kanboura))
Loay Jawabri (as Anton)
George Dabas (as Issa)
Ibrahim Abaya (as Hunter)
Munder Odeh (as Hunter)
Sameer Manni (as Hunter)
Rony Nahas (as Hunter)
Noora Hlelel (as Jalal's Daughter)