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Drama Queen

Country: Vietnam, Language: Vietnamese, 90 mins

Original Title

Sắc Đẹp Dối Trá
  • Director: Kay Nguyen
  • Writer: Kay Nguyen

CGiii Comment

One of just a few Asian films featuring a transwoman actor, this lighthearted, action-packed adventure stars Huong Giang (Miss International Queen 2018) as Duong, a struggling stuntperson making barely enough to survive. One day, Duong discovers a life-threatening conspiracy that causes them to go into hiding from criminals. On the urging of a friend, Duong secretly signs up for gender-affirming procedures in Thailand. Soon after, her estranged father suddenly falls ill, and the financial burden causes Duong to risk anonymity by entering a cis beauty pageant in hopes of winning the grand prize to help pay the hospital bills. Can she claim the crown while staying one step ahead of the mob?


Cast & Characters

Kiko Chan as Hien
Huu Chau as Ba ruot Hang Duong
Huong Giang as Hang Duong
Nha Thanh Lam as Hao
Tuan Tran as Quang Tuan
Kim Xuan as Me ruot Hang Duong